As a savvy shopper, would it be worth it to you to find deals that no one else really knows about. These are the chance mistakes, errors and other happy retail accidents that can get you once in a lifetime bargains. Here’s everything you need to know about how to use glitches to get great deals.

What is a Glitch?

Using a pricing error to your advantage constitutes a glitch, and is the premise of glitch couponing.

Types of Glitches

A glitch can manifest itself in different ways to include:

  • Discount Code: Discount codes are typically codes sent to consumers via emails or through the retailer website. The codes often come with a list of inclusions and exclusions. Sometimes discount codes stack with other offers, apply to excluded items, or give more money off then it should.
  • Online Pricing Error: Online pricing errors occur when you look up an item and the price is severely discounted. Sometimes these items may show up as free. Other times, the price is low considering the quantity displayed for the item. An example of the latter would be a 24 pack of regular-sized candy bars displaying a price of $5.
  • In-Store: When a product is placed on the shelf in front of the wrong tag, this is a pricing error. In many states, the law is on the side of the consumer. This means if a certain quantity of the item is placed in front of the incorrect tag, the store must offer the consumer the chance to purchase it for the listed price. Please note laws vary by state.
  • Advertising Mistake: When a store advertises openly a price mistake, there are laws regarding false advertisements that can protect a consumer wishing to purchase for the advertised price. This does not stop the store from trying to hurry to correct the issue through reprints and sign corrections. To get the advertised price you have to identify the error and head to the store early to catch the deal.

Locating Glitches

There are several ways to locate glitches. Many of them are one social media search away. The easiest method of location would be to join glitch communities on social media sites like Facebook. These groups alert you to real time glitches throughout the day. It posts updates concerning how to get the deal. The sites also post confirmations of the deal through receipt verification and product pictures. Group members even help you through the steps to get the deal and alert you when the deal has gone dead.  Aside from social media, you can look at popular deal sites to find glitches.

Important Facts about Glitches

It is important to know glitches are often short-lived. Oftentimes the retailer either catches or is alerted to the error. Retailers either makes the deal unavailable online, fixes the error, cancels affected orders, or offers an apology sometimes with a discount offer attached. Sometimes catching the glitch results in a partially or fully fulfilled order with little hassle.

Glitching Rules

To catch a glitch you must arrive to take advantage of the deal at your earliest convenience. In an online order, its imperative that you place a reasonable amount of orders. Egregious orders have the highest chance of getting canceled. Every glitch site around makes it clear to never call the retailer to confirm a price or complain about the glitch or cancellation. Its a glitch and if you get in on it before it disappears congratulations, and if not there will always be a next time.

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