If you’re like most people, you seek instant gratification in all things you do from praise for your accomplishments to saving money on a purchase. While all deals and savings do not accomplish this, one site has got you covered. Founded by Ryan Hudson and George Ruan in 2012, the free Honey extension app is perfect for those savvy savers who like instant discounts now.

The Brands Mission

The mission behind the brand is to make the world more fair by helping consumers find the best deals, savings, and perks on the internet. The cashback extension accomplishes this mission by utilizing intricate software to locate discount codes and savings on more than 40,000 retailers in its database. These retailers include popular brands Target, Amazon, and Nike.


How to Sign Up

To start using Honey, sign up via Facebook, Google, or email. After signing up you can access the savings finder extension and install it to your browser. The app currently supports Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera, and Edge. Once the app has been installed you will see the orange Honey insignia loaded to the left of the address bar on your browser. It will show in grey scale. When you navigate to your favorite retailer or restaurant website, it will show in orange. Fell free to browse freely and add items to your cart as you normally would. When you are ready to go to your cart and checkout. Honey begins working its magic.

At checkout, the coupon finder box from Honey will automatically load. When prompted, have honey begin searching promo codes and discounts for you. Pay attention and you can see in the bottom left of the savings finder box dozens of codes being plugged in to find you the best deal. If one is located, it will automatically populate for you and show your new cart total. If you already have the best deal before the code finder, Honey will let you know.


Aside from the savings tool, Honey extension has an additional savings perk that goes by the name Honey Gold. Honey gold is essentially cashback on your purchases from over 5000 retailers and can range from 1%-20% of your total. It can be used in conjunction with the instant savings tool. For every 100 points in Honey Gold, you earn $1. To cash out those rewards for gift cards to popular sites like Groupon, Target, and Amazon a user must accumulate at least 1000 points or $10. Aside from making purchases with bonus gold, referrals are another way to increase your gold balance. Each referral earns you 500 points or $5 and you can refer up to 200 people for a whopping $1000 Honey Gold to use towards gifts, vacations, or even groceries.

Amazon Partnership Perk

Another perk of using Honey is its partnership with Amazon. Not only does the Honey extension seek to find you the best deals at checkout, but when using Amazon the service will conduct a search history on products you like. This will help you determine the best time to buy. Honey will also send you price drop notifications when enabled, and compare millions of sellers while accounting for prime benefits and shipping cost, to find you the best deal on the items you search.

This app has the savvy shopper in mind. The app satisfies the need for instant gratification by providing savings on demand. Added cashback and Honey Gold bonuses additionally help line your pockets with extra cash.




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