When buying pork ribs these are the main points you need to remember:

1. Look for pork ribs that have little surface fat and a reddish pink hue. Dark red pork ribs have developed acid content and won't keep or cook as well as the lighter colored ribs.

2. Don't worry about the “sell-by” date unless it is past the marked date as these are not uniform from grocery store to grocery store. Instead, make sure that the pork ribs have no odor, the cellophane wrapping the pork ribs isn't loose or clouded and there isn't an excess of fluid in the package.

3. There are three styles of pork ribs. Country style are boneless, thicker cuts that are meatier, but also contain more fat. Babyback ribs are leaner than country style which makes them more tender and more flavorful. Spareribs have less meat on the bones and are a happy medium between country style and babyback ribs. They are also the least expensive.

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