If you’re going to bargain shop, there is one thing that you always need. That is coupons. You can acquire coupons in a number of ways. For instance, you can get them through The Sunday Paper, store loyalty cards, and through Catalina coupon printouts. Another common way to get coupons is through the mail. If you want to boost your savings at the store, learn how to get free coupon books by mail today.

Store Loyalty Memberships 

There are many ways to secure coupon books by mail. One way is through store loyalty. Sometimes when you sign up for a free store membership online, you are opting into a special program. For me, I have several store loyalty memberships, but Kroger is the best so far. They analyze my shopping habits while I shop in-store using my number and provide me with special saving coupon booklets by mail. I get these best customer bonus booklets at least once a month if not more. Stores like Publix and Target also give out booklet. Be sure to check with your favorite store and see if they offer something similar.


Instead of opting for the store option, or in addition to that, you can always go directly to the source. The manufacturer is always going to have the best coupons available for their customers. Now this will take some work from you. You need to get in touch with the company through email or personal mail and rave about their products. Talk about what you like about the brand. Let them know what your favorite items are and how the brand has impacted your life. By showering them with compliments, you are almost guaranteed to get free coupons in return. 

Coupon Websites 

Another way to score free coupons is by going through a coupon website. You can sign up for a RetailMeNot coupon book if it does not come in any of your local newspaper circulars. Coupons.com and Procter & Gamble love to give away free coupons as well. All you need to do is register for an account on their websites. Do not forget to add your address details, and they will ship you a free coupon booklet. Other ways to secure coupon booklets include reaching out to local papers, signing up for mailers, and following your favorite brands on social media. For more information on coupons, check out the posted video. 

Social-Follow Your Favorite Brands  

It pays off to follow your favorite brands on social media. Many brands run social media promotions by taking a survey to gather consumer feedback. They provide coupon books by mail in exchange for filling out surveys.  

Sign Up for Brand Newsletters

Many manufacturers offer free coupons as part of their marketing strategy. To get your hands on them, sign up for brand newsletters. This is a straightforward process. Visit the manufacturer’s website and look for a “Subscribe” or “Newsletter” option. Provide your email address and any required information. By subscribing to their newsletters, you’ll receive exclusive offers and coupons directly in your inbox.

Participate in Product Reviews and Surveys

Many companies send out free coupons to customers willing to share their opinions through product reviews and surveys. Sign up for product review websites and keep an eye out for opportunities to test and provide feedback on new products. In return, you may receive free manufacturer coupons by mail.

Look for In-Store Displays

Next time you’re shopping at your local grocery store, look for in-store displays. Manufacturers frequently place coupons on or near their products. Grab these coupons and use them on your current or future purchases.

Tips To Maximize Free Coupons  

Whether you get your free coupons by mail or online through a couponing site, you must strategically find ways to use them for your important purchases. You may also get advice from the experts of DontPayFull.com to maximize free coupons. Nonetheless, here are a couple of couponing tips to attain this goal: 

  • Prioritize Privacy And Security: When registering for an account on couponing websites, you must add your name, address, and contact details. But ensure you prioritize privacy and security before creating an account and supplying your personal data in exchange for a promised free coupon booklet. Ask yourself these questions: Is the couponing website legit? Does it have security features?
  • Find Innovative Ways To Stack Coupons: Many businesses offer different coupon stacking options. You can boost your stacking savings by combining store and manufacturer vouchers, including loyalty rewards and gift cards. Don’t hesitate to ask about available stacking options in your favorite stores to increase your savings.  

Saving when shopping is possible by implementing the best coupon practices. Get free coupon books via mail and enjoy big discounts from your favorite brands.  

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