I’m usually on a health kick in some form or fashion and regardless of whether my diet works, the one constant is that being healthy is expensive.  One of the big areas that I’ve been able to manage costs is with my vitamin purchases.  Luckily, with a little planning, consultation with a doctor and some smart shopping you really can save big with your vitamin purchases.  Here are 10 simple steps to save big:

Know what you need:  Figure out what type of vitamins you need and make a list.  Just like going to the grocery store, buying only what you need can help you save big bucks.  There’s so much temptation in the way vitamins are presented to end up walking out of the store with products you just don’t need.  Also, having this shopping list will help you save money in almost every stop given below.

Purchase your vitamins on the Internet:  As a general rule of thumb, buying on the Internet can save you some big bucks.  Purchasing vitamins are no exception – with major online retailers like Amazon.com and specialty sites like Nutricraze, you can really save big bucks over traditional vitamin stores like GNC. Not to mention you get the benefits of avoiding the traffic and hassle of actually going into the store.  As with any online purchase, you need to keep in mind where you’re buying the product.  There are certainly unscrupulous vendors out there, but if you do a little homework or use reputable sites like Nutricraze, you’ll know that you’re purchasing a quality product safely.

Compare Prices:  Prices for vitamins vary widely from store to store.  You would think that in a competitive market like the one that exists for vitamins, there would be a standard price for what is being offered.  Truth is there isn’t, and a Vitamin Shoppe next door to a GNC may sell the same name brand product for 30% less than the GNC next door.  If you decide to buy online, comparing prices doesn’t get any easier.  If you can save a few bucks easily by comparing prices, why wouldn’t you do it? 

Buy in Bulk:  If you have a vitamin or supplement that you purchase frequently, go ahead and buy it in bulk!  I do this for my multivitamins and the savings are enormous.  Be sure to check the label for expiration dates, but most vitamins last well over a year, so you might as well go ahead and buy the big bottle.  Buying in bulk might also make you more likely to keep taking the vitamin. 

Go “generic”:  Like with prescription drugs, there’s usually no difference between the main brand and the generic store brands.  At a fraction of the cost, there really isn’t any reason for not purchasing them.  Additionally, they’re frequently on sale and usually are available for purchase in large quantities. Read More

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