Dollar General is an underrated store. I typically go there when it’s located in an area with lots of shops and I have time to browse. It’s usually on the weekend, and I do not stay very long. It’s not one of my regular go-twos. However, they always have a lot of things to offer, from groceries and clothes to home improvement items. If you’re looking for a new store to venture into or want to give it a little bit more of your time, here is how to save at Dollar General.

Manufacturer Coupons

Dollar General, just like most stores, allows you to use coupons. You can use your manufacturer’s coupons from the Sunday paper or sites like They also have a digital app where you can add coupons to your Wallet for use at checkout. It’s simple and easy to use, and with the right mindset and shopping list, you can save a lot on groceries, household items, and more.

Weekend Savings

Along with allowing manufacturers coupons, Dollar General has some of its own. One special coupon comes out on the weekend and can be used for the weekend only. The coupon is the $5/$25 printout that you get at the register. You can also add it to your app wallet. You can only redeem the coupon on specified Saturdays, located on the coupon itself. While the coupon can not be paired with other store-specific ones, it pairs just fine with manufacturer coupons. Just be sure your total is $25 before discounts are factored in to ensure you get your savings.


Take careful notice of the colored dots located on Dollar General merchandise. At one point or another, these items go on sale. This usually happens at the end of a season or when an Item goes on clearance. Paying attention to which colored dots are on sale and when will help you save a minimum of 50% on your purchases. The best time to take advantage of these markdowns is after major holidays. I also look at deal groups to keep me informed on which items to look out for and their costs.

Dollar General may be an underrated store, but do not count them out. They offer food, clothes, personal care items, and much more. Hopefully, these tips help you save in-store.

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