I love shopping at Dollar Tree. Not only can I find great craft projects, holiday decor, and films, I can find some great food items. If you are on a tight shopping budget, don’t be afraid to walk in the Dollar Tree. While not a grocery store, they have fabulous finds, all for $1. No grocery store can beat that price. If you’re not afraid to shop outside of your conventional grocery store, follow along to find out the best food finds at Dollar Tree.


While technically not food, you have to have seasoning to cook. While most of their foods are not name brands, that is not true of their seasonings. Sure you can find their off-brand version, but there are some great named brand spices in there you need to add to your pantry now. When in Dollar Tree I like to pick up Sazon and Badia Complete seasonings. They also have Red Lobster seafood seasoning and Longhorns steak season. Very tasty and very pricy at other stores

Pantry Deals

Dollar Tree has great deals on pantry items too. I can often find Minute brand rice and Tiny Hero quinoa. I never leave without my dried beans and cookie mix. You can find all the condiments you need as well as noodles, pasta sauce, and tuna. They also have pizza crust, snacks, drinks, and so much more.


The refrigerated section is the store’s best-kept secret. You can find lots of frozen vegetables and frozen fruit. For dessert, you can grab a Cinnabon melt, strawberry shortcake, or other icy treats. In that section, you can always find a great heat-up lunch with their varied frozen meal selections. They even have breakfast frozen entrees, eggs, and milk. I like to pick up their tasty orange juice and frozen seafood back there as well.

Dollar Tree is not just a place to pick up nick-nacks and crafts. It has some great grocery finds that can help feed your whole family and keep your grocery budget in check. What are your best food finds at Dollar Tree?

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