Unfortunately, the safety and anonymity in the cryptocurrency system are slightly overrated. This means that tracking and hacking are still difficult, but possible. Thereby, all protection of the data lies on the user itself. Bestmixer can help with that effectively.

Mixing coins with Bestmixer  

The cryptocurrency system looks quite safe and anonymous because the blockchain does not provide any personal data about the coin holders. However, it is worth once to associate your data with any transaction, for example, pay for home delivery of goods or withdraw funds to the card, and all transactions in the system can become personalized by tracking authorities. This already provides an opportunity to track the method of earning, depositing and withdrawing funds, as well as all payment appointments and existing accumulations of each Bitcoin holder. All this can work as a proof of belonging to a particular person. Thereby, users need an effective bitcoin tumbler.

How to use a bitcoin mixer?

When connecting to a bitcoin mixer, it is recommended to use a connection through proxy servers. After that, the user can go to the official website of the selected service and go through the easy registration of new users. Each service offers individual methods of interaction, but in most cases, it is necessary to deposit funds into an account, mix and withdraw anonymous coins in a preferred way.

The bitcoin wallet address generated inside the system is often available only for 24 hours. For some services, minimal transactions and additional terms of cooperation are fixed. Important things in the use of bitcoin mixers is a letter of guarantee indicating the wallet address and a special code that is issued by the service when participating in the mix. The letter should be downloaded or copied. When withdrawing funds, the service requires you to specify it as evidence. If the letter is lost, the funds will also be irretrievably lost.

The speed of the services depends on the amount of transfer and the number of required confirmations. To complicate tracking, users may also be offered pending transactions. To increase confidentiality, in addition to service mixing, the user can provide some other techniques:

  •    Withdraw funds from the service after a long period of time
  •    Divide the deposit into several parts
  •    Divide withdrawals into several separate parts with a withdrawal to different wallets.


Bitcoin anonymity falls in the risky zone if the user once associated his wallet address with personal data during the transaction. Therefore, in order to ensure sufficient confidentiality and to confuse traces of transactions, the user should use additional services. The choice should be made in favor of proven platforms, as there is a possibility of fraudulent actions in favor of the developers.

There is a possibility that, if there is an insufficient mixing, the transaction can still be partially or completely traced. In this case, users additionally risk having in their account not only their legally earned tokens but coins received for illegal actions (for example, involved in the payment of drug trafficking). Thereby, use the reputable service – the Bestmixer.



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