If you like to shop, you more than likely love to save. Savings opportunities are present at most retailers and grocers nationwide. The question I get from many readers is, “but how do you find coupons and codes to bring down your total at checkout” My answer, follow along and I’ll show you how. Here’s what you need to know when locating coupons.

Store Loyalty Cards 

If you are just starting on your coupon journey then store loyalty cards are the first step. Many retailers like Kroger, Publix, and Target, have store loyalty cards. Not only do those cards help you rack up points towards cashback and gas, they give you the ability to load store and manufacturer coupons from inside the retailer’s app or online interface directly to your card. As long as you meet the criteria for the coupon, it will automatically come off your balance at checkout.

Kroger dishes out a Free Friday coupon for an overstock item on the first Friday of every month. Their loyalty card also offers coupons you can use up to five times. They also offer three-day sale coupons, not to mention rewards points to redeem on gas. Publix also offers free items and manufactures coupons that update weekly.

Target has a different approach. Not only does there new Target Circle app offer manufacturer coupons. It  also offers 1% cashback on every purchase made in-store or online, and 5% off coupons to use on various items throughout the store like clothing, grocery items, and home goods. Almost every store has a rewards card that is linked to an online presence.  It is as easy as signing up on the retailer’s site and clicking on the savings tab to find digital coupons.

Online printables 

Another Source of free grocery coupons is through free online printable sites. The most popular online printable website to date is Coupons.com. Other notable sites include Redplum and Lozo. These sites allow you to browse its database of hundreds of manufacturer coupons.  When you find what you are looking for you add it to your print list. When you have finished adding to your list its time to hit the print button. On your first use, many of these sites will ask you to verify your number and download a print program to successfully print your selections. Once verified, you can print each coupon on the site up to two times before it becomes unavailable.

Pro tip: If you have multiple internet-capable devices in your home, you can print from them as well to get around print limits and get additional prints if you should need them.

Coupon Finder Websites For Locating Coupons

Coupon finder sites don’t harbor grocery coupons they find discount codes and cashback opportunities at stores you love and trust. Take Retailmenot for instance, you can find the latest Jcpenney and Bath and Body Works codes to use in-store. When using Rakuten, you can earn cashback on purchases when you access different retailers’ websites via Rakuten to activate the offers. While Rakuten elects to send your earnings via Paypal or check similar sites like TopCashback, allow you to redeem your rewards through ACH, gift cards, and prepaid cards.

Cashback Apps 



When you get more advance using coupons, you can elect to find cashback apps for your phone. These apps like Checkout 51 and Ibotta offer cashback on items you purchase at the grocery or drugstore, bar, and restaurant, or local package store. The applications require you to browse through offered available at select retailers and add them to your list. Some apps require you to take a short quiz or watch a clip, while others do not, to add offers.

Once loaded, you can head to the store and shop as you would normally. When you get home you will need to log in to your app and click redeem. The redemption process will require a screen capture of your receipt and you to scan product barcodes of the items you are redeeming. Once uploaded, it will take up to 48 hours for your receipt to be approved. Once approved your account will be credited.

After you meet the redemption threshold you will be able to cash out your money via Paypal or gift card in most instances. Keep in mind, if you are redeeming items featured in the categories Any Liquor Store or Resturant and Bar, ask for an itemized receipt to redeem your cashback offers.


Pro tip: Ibotta offers instant cashback, without screen capture. To avoid having to scan product codes and receipts link your loyalty accounts from retailers like Kroger and Publix to the app. Once you type in your loyalty number at the store, the app will take care of the rest.

Sunday Paper 

The Sunday paper is another great resources for locating coupons. While the paper comes at a slight cost per issue, there are several ways you can obtain free to cheap copies. To start, you can purchase the Saturday edition of the Sunday paper. This edition is often priced at a discounted Saturday rate and has the same coupons as the Sunday edition.

Waiting to get the paper on Monday is also an option, but if you want an even better price on papers, head to your local Dollar Tree to pick up a copy for just one buck. Be sure to get there early as they run out quick.


If spending money on a paper just for the savings, is not your thing just turn to your mailbox. Oftentimes inserts can be found mixed in with your junk mail weekly. These coupons often mimic the ones in the paper but may have different values. This is also true of the free local papers delivered to your driveway. If you are not above talking with people in your community, you can head to your neighbors, local recycling centers and gas stations to ask for any unsold inserts they were likely going to scrap as well.

Direct from the Retailer

Aside from looking locally, you can email retailers directly. Many shoppers elect to send friendly correspondence to their favorite brands. In the correspondences, they offer their support for the brand and their specific allegiance to certain products they enjoy using from the companies product line.  While it is not a sure thing you will get a response, many companies will send you free coupons in the mail along with a thank you letter for your continued support.

Use the information above to get the best deals at the retailers you love shopping with. Take the hassle out of locating coupons and happy hunting.


What are some ways you’re locating coupons? We’d love for you to share your tips in the comments below.


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