If ever dread going grocery shopping like I do, just be glad you don’t have to do your grocery shopping on e-bay. As a follow up to the Top 10 Ways to Waste Your Money on E-bay, I give you a new list of odd grocery items being offered on e-bay this week.

Artistic Foods

  • An Egg With an Image of the Sun: Someone with a chicken farm discovered an odd egg that appears to look like the sun on one side.
  • An Image of Elvis on a Tortilla: Someone happened to be making a quesadilla while singing Viva Las Vegas and apparently an image of Elvis showed up as it began to cook. The tortilla comes with the meet and cheese.
  • A Heart Shaped M&M: This person is selling an M&M that her sister found that is shaped like a heart “just in time for Mother’s Day”
  • A Heart Shaped Potato Chip: “Found in a bag of Red Hot Chips. Chip measures 2″ wide and 1 1/2″ tall”
  • A South Carolina Shaped Cornflake: Came in a box of Frosted Flakes. Only $5 for shipping.
  • A Micky Mouse Shaped Potato: This one comes with a Micky sticker and a warning that this is for novelty purposes only and not to be consumed.
  • A Lemon Shaped Like a Bird: An odd shaped lemon with a face drawn on it by marker is being auctioned off to help pay for a child’s future college tuition.
  • A Peace Sign Onion Ring: A lady in California received an onion ring that was in the shape of a peace sign with her fast food order so she wrapped it up and took him home and decided to place it on e-bay. She notes that it should not be consumed at this point.

Other Oddities

  • An Empty Fritos Bag: Why would someone sell an empty Fritos bag? Supposedly because they ate the whole bag during a basketball game and their team ended up winning that game, so it could be a good luck charm? (Surprisingly, there are many other empty food packages for sale on e-bay.)
  • A Can of Arkansas Razorback Hog Milk: Apparently it's not real hog milk and it's just a joke can, but there seems to me some kind of evaporated milk inside anyhow.
  • A Fat Carrot with Two Legs: Someone found a very large round carrot with two growths on the end that look like legs.
  • An Ice Cube: Apparently “the ice will be shipped in a nice ice box. Auction is for those who appreciate getting nice things and can tell good ice when they see it.”

Even with the current grocery prices the way they are, I'm certainly glad that I'm not stuck doing my grocery shopping on e-bay. But if you happen to find an odd shaped food within your bags of groceries you bring home, you could always try to make some money on it by selling on e-bay!

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