Do you love P&G products? P&G is home to some of the top brands in household products and beauty! They carry top brands like Tide, Pampers, Bounty, and Duracell. You can find all of these items at your local grocery store. If you’re like me, these products are a part of every grocery run. Love these brands too? Here are a few ways you can save on P&G products.

P&G Website

Most brands have a designated website, and P&G is no diffrent. You can go on their site to learn more information about the brands they offer, including new items on the shelf. Alongside information, you can find a link for special coupons. When you sign up, the site gives you access to $100 off P&G products through their unique coupon printables. Additionally, the site has a rewards page. When you log purchases and upload receipts, you earn points that translate into real rewards. Redemptions come in the form of gift cards, free samples, and sweepstake entries. For more chances at personalized coupons, you can send a letter to the corporation expressing your love for their products which may earn you high-value coupons. Or you can go to each brand’s website for access to more coupons.

Store Coupons

Most stores have access to coupons. There are often physical coupon booklets or digital coupons that can be utilized. I like digital coupons because they are easy to pull up on my phone and add to my account. Once they are there, they do not require me to organize and clip. I type my member number in, and they populate. Not a hassle or mess for me. When you access digital coupons from retailers, they will have a host of coupons. You can filter them to find out if your favorite P&G products have available offers to use. I always see coupons for Papers, Tide, and Gillette. 

Coupon Websites

You can also get P&G coupons from other web sources. My favorite is

Grocery shopping is not just about getting food supplies for the house. You also need to pick up paper, beauty, and household items to get by. You can do that when you save on P&G products.

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