Everyone loves buying new things. A Target run is always at the top of my to-do list, especially when there is a good sale or clearance event. Sometimes products can be recalled for unsafe parts that can harm us. With that being said, you should partially pay attention to Target baby product recalls keeping your child safe. Here are a few to watch.


Car Seats

If you purchased the Infantino Go Forward 4-in-1 Evolved Ergonomic, Flip Front2back, and Up Close Newborn infant carriers then your child may be at risk. The product was sold between November 15 and December 20, 2019. The main concern over the product is the buckle can easily break causing your infant to fall from the carrier. To receive a replacement, check your lot code and submit inquiries to Infantino you will also need to cut the waist belt and mail it in. You can check out more info here.

Baby Toys

While a source of prime entertainment for your child, there are many safety recalls on toys at Target. The most recent recalls are on the Munchkin & Waterpede Bath toy (5/10/18) and Dr. Browns Lovey Pacifier & Teether Holders (3/15/18). The Dr. Browns Lovey Pacifier & Teether Holders strap can snap from the pacifier causing a choking hazard for your infant. The Munchkin toy can break apart and expose small parts, also pose a choking hazard. If you own these items you can get in touch with the manufacturers to have them replaced.


There are a number of sleeper recalls between 2019 and 2020. Among them is the Summer Infant SwaddleMe Inclined Sleepers, Dorel Juvenile Group USA Inclined Sleepers, and Kids II Rocking Sleepers. Each recall is due to infant fatalities after infants rolled from their backs to their stomachs while unrestrained. You will get a monetary refund for the product.

If you own any of these products, make sure you send them back. You will get either monetary compensation or a replacement on these Target baby product recalls.

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