Memorial Day has just passed. There are so many troops, past and present, that deserve thanks and honor for defending our nation. One to two days a year is not truly enough time to celebrate them and all they do. If you want to give thanks to those who serve, Tastykake and Wonder have an opportunity for you. You can thank our troops and receive Tastykake and Wonder deals. 

Letters to the Troops

Tastykake and Wonder have partnered to bring letters to deployed troops across the globe. Together with the USO, they hope these letters offer troops both support and gratitude. As they are away from their families and the comfort of their homes, these letters serve as a means to make their experience more enjoyable.

Steps to Send a Letter to the Troops

All letters should be sent through Once on the site, in red, you will see the “Send a Message” link. Once you click the link, you have two choices. You can either choose a preselected message to send or write in your own. Before hitting submit, you will provide your name and email address. When finished, you share a message of support with a service member.

The Trade-Off

Afterward, thank our troops and receive Tastykake and Wonder deals. The coupons are compliments of TastyKake and Wonder. Wonder will give you a $.75 off any Wonder Bread or Buns product. Tastykake will send a $1 off Tastykake multipacks or doughnut backs. These coupons are available for immediate download after submission.

While Memorial Day just passed, there is always the right time to thank the troops. Do so today through Tastykake and Wonder’s partnership with the USO. A little gratitude will go a long way. If you want other opportunities to thank the troops, check out the posted video and look online here.

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