When it comes to grocery shopping, there is nothing worse than returning home from purchasing your favorite ingredients to find that some of them aren’t as ripe and ready as you thought they were. It can result in a disappointing breakfast for the week, for example. This certainly applies to fruit shopping, with shoppers not always selecting the juiciest fruits in the store. 


Of course, it can be challenging to make the right choice given the variety of fruits that are typically available in your local grocery store, but there are certain things to look out for when assessing some potential purchases. The same delectable fruit delights that are seen on TV cooking shows and in games like Pragmatic Play’s Juicy Fruits can be purchased on every visit to the grocery store if you keep a few simple things in mind. Let’s take a look at some of them below. 


Always look for vibrant colors 


First and foremost, if a fruit doesn’t look the part, then it probably won’t deliver in terms of taste either. As such, it’s important to opt for fruits that are bright in color. A burst of brightness can indicate a healthy inside, with fruits of this type typically providing more flavor as they’re essentially more ripe. For instance, if you’re partial to the odd orange, then look for oranges with a deep orange color. Likewise, bananas should feature a strong yellow color. It’s that simple. 


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Assess the texture of the skin 


Aside from how aesthetically pleasing they are, any potential fruit purchase should also feel right in the hands. Look for blemish-free skin and an all-round healthy shape. A bad sign would be if a fruit is dry or wrinkly, potentially pointing towards an overripe or old batch of produce. For the ultimate burst of juiciness, the fruit you’re considering buying needs to look healthy. 


Try squeezing it gently  


Another handy tip many shoppers try is to gently squeeze any potential purchases to help determine whether or not there is a sufficient amount of juiciness inside. Of course, you shouldn’t squeeze too hard and potentially damage the fruit in the process, but a small squeeze could help decide whether or not a fruit boasts big amounts of flavor. 


Trust your nose 


Your nose can certainly come in handy during a visit to the grocery store in general, especially if you’re looking for fruit. Fresh fruits tend to give off an aroma and a sense of freshness that old fruits that lack freshness don’t. A sweet and fragrant smell indicates an inside that is likely to satisfy your tastebuds, while any bad-smelling options are well worth avoiding. 


Look at the stem or cap 


For people who enjoy devouring cherries, it’s important to look at the stem or cap that these types of fruits contain. The same applies to strawberries, with the freshest of batches typically boasting vibrant caps that indicate serious freshness. Additionally, if a potentially delicious punnet of strawberries features caps that are shrivelled, discolored, or even non-existent, then it’s probably best to shop elsewhere. 


Always shop in season 


A vitally important tip when embarking on any fruit shopping adventure is to make sure you’re selecting fruits that are in season. After all, seasonal fruits are harvested at the perfect time, when their flavor profile is at its strongest and juiciness is guaranteed. To increase your chances further, be sure to shop locally as not only does it support local businesses, but it will ensure that your fruits haven’t been transported long distances and are, therefore, in a better condition overall.

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