Because more and more people now use online shopping to complete their holiday gift lists, Cyber Monday is becoming as big a shopping day as Black Friday. Cyber Monday, the Monday after Thanksgiving, is the online shopping equivalent of Black Friday when stores hold huge sales and offer great items at very low prices. To make the most of your holiday shopping on Cyber Monday this year, take advantage of these two tips that will help you save time and money and make it more likely that you will be able to purchase all the things you want on this huge online shopping day.

Plan Your Shopping Strategy

Just because Cyber Monday takes place in online stores instead of in physical stores doesn’t mean that you can sleep in and browse lazily. Just like regular stores, online stores have limited inventory and, even though they may have more items available than a regular store, you have to remember that there are thousands, or maybe even millions of people, shopping online at the same time you are, so you have to compete with the whole country, not just your city, when shopping online. To make sure you get everything on your list, make a plan in advance. List all the sites that you plan to shop and note what time each site’s Cyber Monday sale begins. Some may begin at midnight, while others might wait until the early morning hours to launch their sales. Next, make a list of the items you want and prioritize it. If you know that an item is going to sell quickly, place it high on your list. This way, you’ll be able to move quickly through your list of stores and items and increase the likelihood that your online shopping day will be a success.

Use Promo Codes and Online Coupons

Don’t rely only on posted online sales this Cyber Monday. Increase your savings by using promotion codes and online coupons, which are codes you enter during checkout to get the best discount. While many online stores will advertise their promo codes, you might have to put in some extra work to find others. You can search the Internet to find free coupons online that have been posted by other shoppers. Take advantage of this, and organize your list so that you already have each code and the site you will use it on listed in one convenient place. You don’t want to slow down your checkout process by searching for codes you have lost. On Cyber Monday, you might have to wake up even earlier than you would on Black Friday, but you can also do a lot of shopping from your own home. You can save just as much money on this big holiday shopping day and you can do so without leaving the house. Just remember to stay organized and make a plan. Remember to check for other deals that will save you money, such as free shipping or free returns. Also, don’t forget to check return policies for each site so that you can be sure any gifts that don’t fit or aren’t quite right can easily be returned or exchanged.

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