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There are a lot of different types of coupons. However, the average person doesn’t want all of them. Instead, usually look for the types of coupons that offer the most savings combined with the most convenience.

CodeBroker is a mobile marketing company that ran a survey about the types of coupons that people want most. Notably, since they do mobile marketing, there was an emphasis on mobile coupons. Nevertheless, the results are interesting.

In fact, some of the results can be helpful for coupon users. That’s because they also point out some of our flaws that can lead to reduced savings with certain types of coupons.

Benefits of Mobile Coupons

There are many reasons that people want mobile coupons.

  • They save space and are much easier to keep track of than print coupons.
  • It’s as easy, or easier, to hand a phone to a cashier than to hand over a stack of paper coupons.
  • Customers can receive targeted coupons that relate to the things that they actually buy.
  • It’s easier to sort and filter mobile coupons.

Therefore, it’s no surprise that there are a lot of people who want to use grocery coupon apps instead or in addition to print grocery coupons. However, even this mobile marketing study found that slightly more than half of users do still prefer print coupons.

Therefore, although there are benefits to mobile coupons, they aren’t the only option. They aren’t even the preferred option. Instead, people benefit most when they combine mobile grocery coupons with paper coupons.

Beware of Text Message Coupons

The study asked people about text message coupons. Specifically, it asked how quickly people use these coupons. The results found that 25% will use those coupons within three days, while another 65% will use them within a week.

In other words, people feel like they have to quickly use text message coupons. That’s totally fine if you would have bought the item anyway and the coupon gives you a discount. However, it can also lead you to impulse buys, which are usually a waste of your money.

Similarly, the study found that people are significantly more likely to sign up for a mailing list if they get a coupon for doing so. It’s the same situation. If you want to be on that list and can use it wisely, then that’s great; get the coupon. However, if you are likely to make future purchases because you’re on the mailing list, then you might want to think twice.

People Want Single Use Coupons

One interesting result from this study was about single-use coupons. Many people like coupons that they can use multiple times. However, given the option, people in this study would prefer single-use coupons that have a higher discount than multiple-use coupons with a lower discount value.

As a savvy couponer, you probably already know that the best option depends on your shopping needs. If there’s an item that you only buy infrequently, then a single-use coupon with a high discount is your best bet. However, for items that you buy regularly, you might get a better overall deal with multi-use coupons. Be smart about that!

People Want the Types of Coupons they Want

This sounds really obvious. People want the coupons that they want. However, there’s an important part of the research study related to this.

The study found that people who ask for a coupon are highly likely to use it. Here’s how that works:

  • You see an ad, usually online.
  • Then you request information for a coupon to get a discount.
  • You receive that coupon. It is called an on-demand coupon.
  • You redeem the coupon.

The study found that 78% of people are likely to use that coupon. This is significantly higher than the percentage of people who use other types of coupons.

Why does this matter? It matters because if more advertisers realize this then more of them will offer it. Therefore, start keeping an eye out for ads that allow you to request grocery coupons. You can find these in-store as well as online.

Exploring Other Types of Coupons

In summary, this study found that people want:

  • High-value single-use coupons
  • Both print and mobile coupons including text message coupons
  • On-demand coupons

Of course, within those categories, there are many different types of coupons. From Buy One, Get One to Triple Stack Coupons, you can learn the language of coupon types here.

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