If you have the right grocery coupon apps you can save money every time you shop for food. If you’re smart, you’ll combine store apps with more general apps to get the best bargain. Here’s how to find and use the best coupon apps for groceries.

Of course, you also want to keep things simple. That’s why it is important to choose only the best apps. There’s no need to clutter your phone with everything that’s available.

Individual Store Apps

It’s worth it to get the mobile apps for the grocery stores that you shop at regularly. Some stores that have great mobile apps with coupons include:

  • Costco; you can save money at Costco when you check the Warehouse Savings on their mobile app.
  • Safeway; the Just for U app features new weekly coupons and personalized savings just for you.
  • Sprouts; their app is one of the best places to clip coupons for their store.
  • Target; download the app and head to their Cartwheel deals to find hot in-store offers, use the info to triple stack coupons.
  • Kroger; shop in the mobile app, use coupons as you go, then your items will be ready at the store for pickup.

Grocery Coupon Apps

In addition to using individual store’s apps, you can use more general coupon apps.

First, check out SnipSnap, which is a tool that helps you manage your printed coupons. You upload a photo of each of them to the app. Then the app sorts them for you. You can sort by store or by expiration date. This makes you regular coupon life so much easier.

Then try Coupon Sherpa, which aggregates coupons from over 100 stores, including grocery stores. It’s one of the only big aggregate coupon apps that really does a good job when it comes to grocery coupons. Plus, you can mark your favorite stores, and the app will notify you when new coupons arrive for that store.

Of course, Coupons.com is another good resource, and they have a mobile app. Similar apps include The Coupons App, Krazy Coupon Lady, and Shop Savvy.

Grocery Rebate Apps

Grocery coupon apps aren’t the only way to save money with your smartphone. Rebate apps can also be helpful. You can use these to get savings on groceries you’ve already purchased. The most popular rebate app is Ibotta. This is a rebate app. You can also try Checkout51, SavingStar, FetchRewards, and ReceiptHog, which each work similarly to Ibotta. Another option is Shopkick, which redeems your rewards in the form of gift cards instead of cash.

Other Helpful Grocery Savings Apps

Grocery coupon apps and rebates are key to saving money. However, there are a few other types of apps that can help you save at the grocery store as well.

For example, list apps are also helpful for saving money. That’s because when you shop by a list, you aren’t as likely to cave in to impulse buys. Grocery IQ is a good choice for a shopping list app. Plus, as a bonus, it incorporates a coupon-clipping feature. Therefore, it’s a grocery coupon app and shopping list tool in one.

Budgeting tools are also always helpful. An app like EveryDollar can help you track your budget while you’re on the go at places like grocery stores.

Do you have a favorite grocery coupon app? Share in the comments!

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