What Are Catalina Coupons

There are many types of coupons out there. Most of you are familiar with manufacturers’ coupons. You know about store coupons, coupons you find in the Sunday’s paper, printables, and even hangtags. While these are the most popular, they aren’t the only ones. If you’re a beginner, you may not know about Catalinas. Everyone has seen them, but not everyone knows how to use them.

What is a Catalina Coupon

Have you ever rang all your items up at the register, paid, and after the receipt prints, another small grey printer prints out an obscure piece of paper? If you just started couponing or are a regular shopper, you probably left the printout at the register and never thought about it again. If you have done this, stop! The little grey machine prints out coupons relative to things you purchased in the store. Sometimes the printouts offer you money off your next store purchase. I have earned up to $20 off my next purchase using catalina deals.

Where Do You find Catalina Coupons?

While catalina coupons are not everywhere, I know for sure you can get catalina coupons at many of the stores I shop at. Two of my favorite stores for these printable deals are Kroger and Walgreens. I typically apply catalinas I earned from one shopping trip onto a later one, unless they roll. A rolling catalina means you can apply your catalina to successive transactions, and it will print out again. Check out this website for catalina offers.

Now that you know about catalina’s offers, incorporate them in your grocery planning. Find out which deals are offered by searching online. If it is something you need or use, purchase it according to the offer. Some offers state a specific quantity of an item must be purchased to receive money towards a future purchase. Some coupons only require you to scan one item and print before you even pay. No matter how you chose to incorporate them, never leave them at your register again.


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