When is Couponing Considered an Addiction

Do you love couponing? Does it make you excited? Do you have fun seeing how little you can pay at the store? I love it and get a thrill filling my buggy up with lots of goodies and coming out of the store with all of it for cheap. I love organizing, clipping, and spending my coupons like cash and stocking up on products for my house. While it is exciting, is there a point where couponing is considered an addiction?

Buying What You Need

I would say couponing can become an addiction. One way you can tell is by looking at what you are purchasing. Are you purchasing products that you and your family use regularly? Do the products meet your needs, and are they in line with your lifestyle? If you are just buying products because they are free or dirt cheap but do not need them, you may have a problem.

Couponing is fun but can become an addiction if you buy products for all the wrong reasons. Evaluate your family’s needs and never spend over your budget. To further optimize your savings, consider choosing the best nationwide bank to manage your finances efficiently. This way, you can keep track of your spending and make informed financial decisions while staying within your budget.

How Big is Your Stockpile?

Another you can tell you are a couponing addict is by looking at the size of your stockpile. You should evaluate it based on your family size and needs. Needs can be categorized by current and future needs. If your stockpile can not be used before all the products expire, your wasting money. If your stockpile can sustain your family and meets your needs, good job. You should only carry more products than your family needs if you intend to give them to family and friends or donate them. Never buy more than you can reasonably use before the expiry date.

Spending Over Your Budget

Couponing is all about saving money. Yes, you get to try name brand products you probably wouldn’t have bought otherwise, and yes, you get to get lots of things cheap, but that does not mean go overboard. If you are shopping on a budget, stick to it. If you are purchasing items you do not need or taking on multiple shopping trips per week, you aren’t saving as much as you think. 

Couponing is fun but can become an addiction if your buying products for all the wrong reasons. Evaluate your family’s needs and never spend over your budget

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