The below stores offer double coupons in Alabama. The grocery store business is fairly dynamic and grocery store policies regarding coupons and double coupons can change frequently. We rely on the readers here to keep this list up to date. If one of the grocery stores below no longer offers double coupons, please let us know so we can keep it up to date. Thank you.

Food Giant
Food World (double coupons up to and including 50 cents every day – thanks Lindsey)
Freds (only doubles on Saturdays – thanks Nicholas)
Ingles (doubles and sometimes triples – thanks Misty)
Mannings Marketplace
Piggly Wiggly**
Publix (double coupons up to and including 50 cents every day – thanks Lindsey)
Western Supermarket (double coupons up the 65 cents – thanks Leigh)
Winn Dixie (doubles coupons up to $0.50 – thanks Ina, but seems to be highly limited – thanks Nicholas)

**does not double in Phenix City, AL (thanks lissy)
Note: In Opelika, AL none of the stores double over $0.50 (thanks Kara)


  1. How do you get a store to double your coupons? Do you just ask at the register? I use coupons at Public but don’t ever remember them being doubled. Is it because they were not manufacturers coupons?

  2. The store will advertise that they double — if they don’t advertise, then it’s likely they don’t. If you aren’t sure, ask the store manager.

  3. Fred’s coupon policy is …if you have more then one coupon on the same item and try to buy several of the same products they will only double the first coupon and the rest are just for the value of the coupon. When I asked about their policy I was told they don’t do extreme couponing in their store.

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