Below is a list of grocery stores which offer double coupons in California. It’s important to note that grocery store chains which are located in both Southern California and Northern California do not necessarily have the same double coupon policy even though they are the same chain. Because the grocery store business is quite competitive, the coupon and double coupon policies of stores can – and do – change quite frequently. While we do our best to keep this list up to date, we rely on the readers to help keep it current. If you have further information about the grocery stores below or others in California and their double coupon policies, please let us know so we can keep the list current.

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  1. Per coupon policieson their web sites, Vons and Ralphs in the Glendale & Burbank areas DO NOT double coupons, do not allow more than one coupon for a specific item per transaction, per customer, per day (so you can have 3 like items but only 1 coupon can be used for one of the 3) and they do not allow “stacking” or the use of a digital coupon combined with a paper coupon or an internet printed coupon. They also limit the # of coupons you may use that renders an item free, they do not pay overages and anyminimum thresholds such as $10 min. purchase EXCLUDE a whole list of items toward that threshold amount (dairy items, alcohol, gift cards, tobacco, taxes, bottle deposits, etc).

    Both stores are coupon unfriendly and bothsay they can change policies at any time and at store manager’s discretion as to refusal or limitations.

  2. I agree with Ninja’s Mom. I’m in South Los Angeles County/Orange County and everything she mentioned is correct, not only for Vons and Ralphs but also the smaller grocery store chains. Extreme couponing like I see on TV is not possible here.

  3. Have watched a few extreme coupon programs this morning on TLC. I admire these people’s ability to do this, but … it seems like you would just spend your entire life 24/7 dealing with coupons.

    More often than not I will take a coupon to the store and they won’t even have the item.

    Also I am wondering about the shelf life on a lot of these products. I had a container of ketchup in my refrigerator for over a year and it started to darken in color. I eventually threw it out.

  4. Im watching extreme couponing and I honestly dont know how these women do it. Why would California ia stop the double coupon policy. Especially in this day and age of hard times? Because we are not boycotting the grocery stores. I bet if EVERYONE woyld stop shopping for a month, it could possibly bring ot back, but thats not gonna happen because we all need to eat.

  5. I live in port hueneme is there anything worth buying in coupons now a days? I also see extreme couponing and its amazing how they get many things free and many stores douple their coupons but here i dont know of any store that doubles or all the coupons i see are 60cents off the most i see :/

  6. I recently moved to Shasta county CA from the boise ID area and I have been trying to figure out the couponing here and it doesn’t seem as easy are there any stores in the northern valey that doubles coupons and is there anyone who currently coupons in this area

  7. I just moved to Shasta County a couple of months ago and want to start couponing, but it is really difficult here. No stores that I know of double or triple coupons and no stacking of coupons allowed where I shop. Unfortunately, I think we’re out of luck. Anyone know different?
    Happy Saving.

  8. I live in nor cal, and I haven’t found any stores that double coupons. That said, I can normally save anywhere from 40-60% with coupons–I am happy with that living in Sacramento…
    That said, there was one extreme couponing show where the women saved 90% at Winco. We do have Winco in nor cal, so this may be a place where you can get that high value savings that people in states with double coupon allowance. To be honest too, the lady who did her haul at Winco also bought the most practical stuff I’ve ever seen–not just 150 bottles of hot sauce. Good luck!

  9. I live in no. Cali ,san martin, its by San Jose Ca. And cant find any stores that except double coupons. In Visalia Ca. i lived off double couponing. But not anymore….. It really should bealoud. I do all my shpooing at a store that accepted it… All…

  10. I have been couponing for years in Shasta County but have not found anyone that doubles. I take that back K mart does but only as high as $1 off.

  11. I live in Covina and recenlty lost my job. So my daughter go it me into watching extreme couponing. Therefore I started calling all the supermarkets and no one double coupons, Vons, Ralphs, Albertsons, nor Target it’s very hard to pay your mortgage, bills, and try to purchase groceries for two growing kids with the prices now going up. I really wish I knew how to get coupons for free toiletries and other basic things. that would realy help out alot.

  12. If you have a CVS drugstore in your area, you should be able to get many toiletries for free or minimal cost with just the coupons (no doubling needed). I haven’t paid for toothpaste, body wash, shampoo or deodorant for years.

  13. Jen – I have also been looking in Riverside area and can only find Ralph’s that doubles coupons, but they have a very strict policy. I will try to find the link again if you are interested.

  14. I’ve called Ralph’s down Magnolia and Jurupa in Riverside and I was told they do not double. If you know of a different Ralph’s that doubles please advice. Thank you.

  15. How realistic is this whole coupon mega savings thing? After spending several hours this afternoon clipping coupons, reading blogs, visiting store sites, and browsing sales papers… i don’t see how i’m going to save these mega bucks? For example.. Rite Aide advertises their prices along with the manufactuer’s coupon price in their weekly ads. But i don’t trust that because with the coupons i’m clipping i’m getting the same price. Idk… i’m over it for now. Maybe i need to spend more time? Not up for it. As of now… Peace & Blessings!

  16. Double coupons were intended to give people a discount so they could try a product. They were never meant to be used to subsidize peoples grocery costs. I’m surprised there aren’t safeguards in place to keep people from abusing them.

    Double coupons are a joke. Stores raised their prices to offset the additional amount taken off by the double coupon. I’m glad they’re gone. Same goes with club cards. The savings are an illusion.

  17. You can find a lot of name brand items at the $.99 store. You can save a lot of money there , you just need to know when to go get the good deals. In my area every Mondays, Wednesday all the good stuff are there in the mornings.

  18. how about we put the pressure on one store, then when they start doubling coupons, we abandon the other stores for the double coupon store. Just to remind them whos in charge. For those who can afford it, just shop whole foods, trader joes, sprouts etc. some of these places have become way arrogant.

  19. would do the no shop to get a store to double coupons again… are there any stores in that double

  20. what makes you people think you deserve everything free? Get a job and pay for food like the rest of us.

  21. Honestly best way to save is shopping at target they price match as well. You can stack coupons there using a target coupon, manufacture coupon, cartwheel app and sometimes their mobile coupon which you text the number and the coupon is sent in a link to your phone. And best way is to also look for the buy 3 or 4 get a $5 gift card because there will be a coupon for it. I have only been couponing for about a year and I managed to get alot of things for less then $100. Free tampons who doesn’t like that as well as cheap under a dollar toothpaste. I believe you can get the Sunday paper at WalMart and can get items cheap I live the PG coupons. Hope this helps

  22. I love watching stream couponing. However, here in CA stores do not double up coupons so there is no way we can compete and get our shopping for anywhere close to $0.00

  23. Not true…I did this challenge in CA without double coupon stores and got a lot of food at almost no cost:

    There do double up coupons up to $1

  25. I just found out last week that kmart will double up to 5 coupons if you spend $25 or more only on the first week of the the month. The offer will start on the first sunday of the month. they will double up to $2 coupons which would make it $4 off. I went last week I got stuff that were worth about $5 each and I bought 3 packs of pads and 2 colgate mouth wash for only $6.56. You can use that same offer everyday that week. Everyday they will double up to 5 coupons and they allow u to use surprise points that they send you in your email and on topbof that you can use your rewards points also. The following day I went in again I had surprise points of buy $30 get $15 off and 5 doubled coupons I bought another mouthwash and 5 tide detergents completely free. Hope my story helps you all.

  26. I live in West Covina and CVS is also great they dont double coupons but they do let you combine with the coupon that print at the machine or on your receipt and with your Extra Bucks, but just an advise try to buy things that you will get Extra Bucks for and if you download the app they will send you even more offers.

  27. There is an Indian supermarket that doubles coupons in Cerritos, CA
    Unfortunately, they will gladly do it for Indians and other south Indians.
    If others take coupons they give a look like you are crazy or something!

  28. Where can I coupon in Bakersfield that allows doubles and stacking the coupons?
    I’m new to couponing and still trying to figure it out
    Can someone explain stacking with more detail to me?

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