A great way to save money grocery shopping is to frequent grocery stores which offer double coupons. Below is a list of grocery stores located in Florida which offer double coupons. Since double coupon policies at grocery stores frequently change, it’s important to check at your local grocery store to make sure that their double coupon policy is still valid. In order to keep our double coupon list current, we ask our readers to let us know if any of the grocery stores in Florida listed no longer offer double coupon (or if they know of others that do). If so, please email us so we can make our list current.

Fred’s (on Saturdays will double up to $0.70)


  1. I’m not finding any stores that double coupons in the panhandle area of FL, can you advise? I know there is a Kmart in Clearwater, FL that doubles. The search did not produce ANY results for FL. Thanks in advance for your time and reply!

  2. Publix in Florida does in a way double coupons every day. They have digital coupons online, so all you have to do is go online publix.com and make an account, it is really simple. Clip the digital coupons you want and use them. You can also use a manufacturer coupon with the same item. So in a way it is double coupons.

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