One of the great advantages of living in Georgia when it comes to getting deals while grocery shopping is the large number of grocery stores that offer double coupons. Please note that grocery store double coupon policies often change, so it’s vital to check with your local grocery store manager to know about that particular store’s coupon policy.

We want to keep our double coupon list current, but it’s difficult for a single person to do. We therefore ask our readers to help out. Please let us know if any of the grocery stores listed below no longer offer double coupons or if there are others that do so we can keep our list current.

BiLo Foods
Blooms (doubles everyday up to $0.99 – thanks Christina)
Food Lion (doubles up to $0.60 – thanks Christina)
Harris Teeter
Piggly Wiggly
Winn Dixie (doubles up to $0.50 – thanks Kara)
Publix (thanks Tina)

Notes: In Columbus, GA, as well as Lagrange, GA none of the stores double over $0.50. Piggly Wiggly will not double in Columbus (thanks Kara).

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  1. Ingles only offers double coupons up to $.50
    only doubles:
    3 coupons per $10 spent
    6 coupons per $20 spent
    9 coupons per $30 spent
    12 coupons per $40 spent ect… ect..

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