Listed below are the grocery stores in Kansas which we are aware of that offer double coupons. Stores that offer double coupons do so for a good reason. It can be a compelling incentive which encourages customers to come to that store. Before assuming a store will offer double coupons every day, be sure to contact the local grocery store manager to verify your store’s coupon policy. Many will only offer double coupons on a certain day of the week and double coupon policies can even vary from store to store in the same chain.

The current list is the latest information we have received from readers like you. We attempt to keep our grocery store double coupon list accurate and rely on the readers here to do so. If any of the grocery stores on our list no longer offer double coupons, we’d greatly appreciate your help by emailing us that information. We are also always searching for new stores that offer double or triple coupons, so please let us know if there are new stores in your state that do this.

Checkers (in Wichita – thanks Gary)
Food4Less (triple coupons)
G&W Foods
Hen House (thanks Tiffeny)
Leakers (in Park City and Valley Center – thanks Gary)
Patricias Foods: doubles coupons everyday up to $1.00

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