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For those living in Maryland, you are lucky in that you have a number of grocery stores which offer shoprite coupons. This is not the case in many states. Grocery stores offer double shoprite coupons as an incentive to bring customers to the grocery store by offering to redeem coupons for double the value that is listed on each. Grocery store policies regarding shoprite coupons can change fairly frequently and vary even between stores that are from the same chain, so contact the local grocery store manager to verify their coupon policy.

While we try to keep our grocery store shoprite coupons list as up to date as possible, it is only as accurate as the information we get from readers like you. We’d greatly appreciate your help if you know that any of the grocery stores listed below no longer offer shoprite coupons — please email us. Along the same lines, if you are aware of other grocery stores which do offer double coupons that we have not listed, please let us know so we can add them.

Giant Eagle (thanks Patricia)
Giant Foods (doubles coupons $0.99 and under with a maximum of 4 identical manufacturer coupons per purchase – Thanks Patricia)
Harris Teeter: doubles and sometimes triples coupons (Thanks Rich)
Martins (Hagerstown) – offers double coupons & every 2 or 3 months they offer 3 triple coupons in their sales circular (limited to 3 manufacturers coupons per bonus card member)
Shoppers Food Warehouse
Wegmans – doubles coupons up to $0.99 (Thanks Michele)


  1. Shoprite doubles up to a 1.00 and u can use 20 Q’s that double and how ever many that don’t double

  2. ShopRite in Maryland double up to $1.00.
    Only a total of 4 of each coupon will double after that its face value.

  3. Shoppers, Safeway, Weis, and Wegmans all allow up to $.99 to double. Shoprite will allow $1 but your balance has to stay above $25 in order for q to double. So if you buy $100 with of product, and are using coupons, once your balance hits $25 nothing will double anymore but will be at face value. And you can double a max of 20q with 4 qs per item.

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