There are a number of grocery store chains based in Texas which offer to double coupons for their customers. Grocery stores use double coupons as an incentive to attract new and existing customers. By offering to redeem coupons for double the face value that is listed on it, grocery stores drive more people to shop in their stores.

Each grocery store often has their own policy regarding double coupons which can change frequently. It’s important to keep your eyes open for coupon related changes that may happen. The coupon policy can even vary between grocery stores from the same chain. If you have any questions about a store’s coupon policy, be certain to contact the local grocery store manager to verify it.

GroceryCouponGuide makes every attempt to keep our grocery store double coupon list current, but we rely on readers like you to help provide us with the latest double coupon information in your state. If you happen to know of any of the grocery stores listed below which no longer offer double coupons, please email us. If you know of other grocery stores not listed below which do offer double coupons, please let us know so we can add them.

Albertsons – Texarkana, TX (double up to 50 cents every day of the week and triple up to 39 cents every day – thanks Gorge) Wichita Falls, Tx does not double or triple coupons – thanks Missey
Brookshire’s Grocery
Randalls: in League City, TX Randalls doubles coupons up $0.50 and triples up to $0.39 cents – thanks Peggy)
Super S
Tom Thumb – Dallas (thanks Bustosmesquite)



  1. Randall’s doubles .50 cent and triples .35 cent. Only thing about that is u can’t use two like coupons in same transactions. Meaning let’s say you have two .50 cent coupons for some hand soap only one will be doubled the other will be just regular face value. Also Seller Brothers double up to .50 cents. I don’t shop there so don’t really know much about how theirs goes.

  2. Tom Thumb in Lewisville TX will double and triple coupons. Coupons accepted any day of the week. Double up to 50 cents. Triple up to 39 cents.

  3. I live in Tyler Texas and I am a single mom. I would like to know if there are any stores here or in the surrounding areas like Longview or Lufkin that offer doubling on coupons. If not how can I make couponing work for me here in Texas????? Please help

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