We have recently added Washington DC to our double coupon grocery store list. Grocery stores will offer to double manufacturer coupons from time to time in order to drive greater numbers of customers into their stores. While doubling coupons will drive more customers into the grocery store, it can be costly for the grocery store. When a grocery store decides to redeem manufacturer coupons at double their value, the grocery store must cover the doubled coupon price (in the case when a grocery stores doubles a manufacturer coupon, the manufacturer will only reimburse the coupon’s face value and the grocery store is responsible for the other half).

It’s important to remember that grocery store coupon policies do change on a fairly regular basis. We have our fingers crossed that more grocery store chains in Washington DC will offer to double coupons in the near future. If you happen to have any questions about your local grocery store’s double coupon policy, you should direct those questions to the grocery store manager.

We do our best to keep this double coupon list as accurate as possible. In order to accomplish this, we need to ask readers like you to help provide us with the latest coupon information in Washington DC. If you are aware of any other grocery stores in Washington DC that do offer to double coupons, please email us.

Safeway – doubles coupons up to $0.50 (4th and L St in Washington, DC confirmed – thanks Rachael).

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  1. Safeway in MD just N of DC. double at last up to $.75, so my guess is $0.99 coupons would double. Every $0.75 coupon is worth $1.50

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