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Catalina Coupons

Catalina coupons (sometimes called “checkout coupons” and often referred to as “CATs” on couponing sites) are the secret weapon of extreme couponing that often allow you to get free or nearly free products at the grocery store — and sometimes even turn buying food into a money making opportunity. Catalina coupons are named after the company that distributes them and are coupons which you sometimes receive with your receipt at the grocery store. Catalina coupons do not actually come from … Continue reading

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Instant Discounts

When it comes to saving money on food, one of the best types of promotions to look for are instant discounts (sometimes called “instant rebates”). These are promotions put on by manufacturers when they have surplus of a product that they want to get rid of and thus encourage the shopper to buy multiples to get a discount. The best part of instant discount promotions is that you don’t have to do any extra work in order to get the … Continue reading

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Store Coupons

While most coupons are distributed by manufacturers, grocery stores will also distribute their own coupons from time to time. Store coupons are created for the same reason that grocery stores have sales — to help drive customer traffic to their stores. While often times store coupons will be for store brand products, this is not always the case. It is possible to find store coupons for brand name products as well from time to time. The main difference between store … Continue reading

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Manufacturer Coupons

I mentioned earlier that while in the long run couponing should save you time, there would be an initial learning curve. One of the most important aspects of this learning curve is understanding the different types of coupons that exist. The coupons that are most familiar to the vast majority of people are manufacturer coupons. These are important because they are the most common type of coupon and the ones you will come across most of the time. These are … Continue reading

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Start Collecting Sunday Newspaper Inserts

If you’re currently not couponing because you don’t think they will really save you much money, your assumptions about coupons are wrong. You need to throw those old assumptions out to realise the hidden opportunities that exist. I know this will be difficult for you because it was extremely difficult for me. If you have any common sense at all, you should think that couponing is a complete waste of time. I did. The reason for this is simple. If … Continue reading

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The First Month of Couponing

Your eagerness is your biggest enemy when you first begin to learn how to coupon. The first major mistake many people make when couponing is that they try to begin without practicing. As mentioned earlier, you would never go out and play tennis and assume that you were going to be good at it before practicing, but couponing seems so easy and straight forwarded that most of us assume that it will be. I know because I have made that … Continue reading

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Lazy Couponing – Introduction: How to Coupon for the Rest of Us

I hate couponing. No seriously, I really hate it. The fact that I extreme coupon has completely shocked most of my friends and family because I am the least likely person to ever do something like this. I am the most reluctant couponer that probably has ever existed, and I only coupon because it allows me to achieve a a different goal (donate a lot of food to food banks). Believe me, I fully understand the epic irony of someone … Continue reading

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