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2010 CVS Coupon Policy

2010 CVS Coupon Policy CVS is a chain of drugstores that operates Nationwide which has some excellent deals on a weekly basis if you are willing to spend a little time learning the CVS coupon and CVS reward system. You can use the CVS Store Locator to see where the nearest CVS store is in your area. While it does take a bit of time to learn, the payoff can be huge in free and nearly free items on a … Continue reading

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What Super Couponers Can Do

There were a number of super couponers that decided to help out Penny Experiment, and they began making shopping runs with the food that they purchased going to their local food banks. Since beginning in January, they have been able to purchase over $1000 worth of food for about $115 which includes all of the following food: Baby Snacks: 2 boxes Bagels: 2 bags Breakfast Bars: 2 boxes Cereal: 74 boxes Chips: 3 bags Chocolate Chips: 1 bag Corn Bread … Continue reading

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