There were a number of super couponers that decided to help out Penny Experiment, and they began making shopping runs with the food that they purchased going to their local food banks. Since beginning in January, they have been able to purchase over $1000 worth of food for about $115 which includes all of the following food:

Baby Snacks: 2 boxes
Bagels: 2 bags
Breakfast Bars: 2 boxes
Cereal: 74 boxes
Chips: 3 bags
Chocolate Chips: 1 bag
Corn Bread Mix: 2 boxes
Crackers: 11 boxes
Creamer: 1 jar
Frozen Meals: 12
Fruit / Vegetable Drink: 3 bottles
Fruit Snacks: 12 boxes
Granola Bars: 4 boxes
Hamburger/Chicken/Tuna helper: 6 boxes
Hot Chocolate: 4 boxes
Ice Tea Drink: 2 bottles
Jello: 6 boxes
Jello Mousse: 1 package
Jelly / fruit Spread: 3 jars
Ketchup: 1 bottle
Macaroni and Cheese: 8 boxes
Muffin Mix: 2 boxes
Nut Clusters: 21 bags
Nutrition Bars: 7 boxes
Oatmeal: 19 boxes
Pancake Mix: 3 boxes
Pasta: 8 boxes / bags
Pasta Sauce: 8 jars / cans
Peanut Butter: 6 jars
Peperoni: 1 pack
Popcorn: 2 boxes
Potatoes: 2 packs
Rice: 4 boxes / bowls
Rice-A-Roni: 9 boxes
Rolls: 2 canisters
Sausage: 2 packs
Soup: 44 cans
Spices / Seasonings: 3 bottles
Sports Drinks: 5 bottles
Tea: 2 boxes
Tomato Sauce: 9 cans
Tuna: 11 cans / pouches
Vegetables: 2 bags, 15 cans
Yakisoba Noodles: 12 packs
Yogurt: 25 cups 1 container

Penny Experiment is still looking for more couponers to participate. If you have a coupon blog and are good at getting deals with coupons, please consider helping out your local food bank at no cost to you.

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