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10 Ways You Waste Food

When people are trying to save money on their groceries, they usually focus on how they can get food for less money. This isn't necessarily the only aspect that most people should focus on. There is a good chance that one area where you are wasting money is a tenancy to waste food. Here are 10 common ways that people waste food (and thus waste money): Tossing Leftovers Have you ever eaten only half your dinner and then put the … Continue reading

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10 Reasons NOT to use Coupons

Anyone who is on a tight budget knows that coupons can be a wonderful way to save money. Sometimes saving an extra dollar or two can make a huge difference in your weekly finances. While coupons definitely have a lot of benefits, they also have some downsides. Most of the time, the downsides of coupons tend to happen to people who don't use coupons all that often or who are easily swayed into buying something that they really don't need. … Continue reading

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