While people often don’t consider it, Amazon can be a great place to get discounted groceries. The problem is that to find the incredible deals, it’s often extremely time consuming and frustrating.

If you’re looking to purchase grocery / beauty / health care / gourmet food/ pet supplies at rock bottom prices, you can use the following links to do so. Take a few minutes to look around and you’ll be surprised at some of the great deals there are to be had.

It’s worthwhile to bookmark this page and check on a regular basis since these deals get filtered through quite frequently.

Groceries: 90% Off :: 80% Off :: 70% Off :: 60% Off :: 50% Off

Beauty: 90% Off :: 80% Off :: 70% Off :: 60% Off :: 50% Off

Gourmet Food: 90% Off :: 80% Off :: 70% Off :: 60% Off :: 50% Off

Health: 90% Off :: 80% Off :: 70% Off :: 60% Off :: 50% Off

Pets: 90% Off :: 80% Off :: 70% Off :: 60% Off :: 50% Off

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  1. Only a few of Amazon’s 90% groceries were 90% off. Many were barely on sale at all and it seems that the prices are mismatched.

  2. Amazon seems to be challenged with simple math, combined with some outlandish original prices- Mac & Cheese was $33 a box…now $1.35.

  3. A greeting card was $52 ??? Now .30 It’s a Christmas Card. In June.
    The items were totally random and probably past their prime…found absolutely nothing of use and the prices are very off. Original price shown is totally bogus and sale price is OK if you need that item.

  4. Appears that these searches are composed almost entirely of items with input errors in the pricing; my guess is that the actual “total” price gets multiplied by the number of items in the case, resulting in the inflated “original” price (i.e., if a carton of 12 boxes of mac and cheese costs $12 (or $1 each), then the “original” price was incorrectly listed as $12 x 12 boxes or $144. Having said that, I did see a handful of items that truly were extremely discounted – but those were on Amazon-affiliated sites, and they were in every case charging shipping that was at least $5 (making the “deal” worthless).

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