Having a baby? Putting together the nursery can be the least of your expenses. You will have costs that include formula, diapers, toys, clothing and much more. However you plan to bring up your baby, baby products can be the high ticket items in your budget. Although it may seem difficult to find coupons and special offers in newspapers or at your local store, they do exist for most products you will need. You just need to sign up. A few tips:

Manufacturer Clubs: As with most products, signing up for a manufacturer’s newsletter is a great way to receive special offers. Manufacturers of baby products typically have “clubs”, with additional “invitation only” offers, free products, coupons, special promotions, and other news.

Baby Clubs: Many grocery stores offer a Baby Club. Consumers can typically sign up for these under their customer loyalty cards. Some stores offer one-check rebates, free products after a certain number of purchases or even points per dollar on baby item purchases. Stores may have a specific list of products or have periodic special offers for specific brands. Whatever the case, members frequently receive cash rebates, free products or special check out coupons. Sign-up and reap the benefits.

Check-Out Coupons: Many stores print check out coupons at the register, known as Catalina’s. Baby products are highly competitive, and again, if you aren’t brand loyal, you can be rewarded. Formula manufacturers frequently offer check out coupons for their brands when you purchase a competitors brand. These additional coupons, which are often for “Buy one get one free”, can be combined with the formula checks to get a much better price. Diapers, baby wipes and bath products often have special offers at check-out. Combined with Baby Club benefits, you can receive a winning combination of savings.

Formula Checks: Most formula manufacturers also offer formula “checks” in addition to coupons. Formula checks are not coupons, but “pay to retailer” checks from the manufacturer. The store will process them like any check, so don’t be surprised when they insert it into the check approval machine. You can use the checks along with manufacturer’s coupons, as well as sales or special offers, to maximize your savings. Since these are “live” checks, rather than coupons, the companies are stringent about fraud. There are quite a few rules regarding WIC (Women, Infants and Children) and other federally funded programs. As with prescriptions, if the government is covering a portion of your costs, you may not qualify for special offers.

Where to Sign up:

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