The holidays are steadily approaching. That means a lot of holiday cheer, smiles abound, and gifts around. While Covid is keeping us down, the holidays are something to look forward to. Yes, it likely to look diffrent than it has before, but it’s a celebratory time of the year. If you’re not particularly looking forward to the festivities this, or just looking for something to make them a little more cheerful, you can get into the spirit with some good ole beer. If beer is your thing, check out these beer coupons.

Where to Find Beer Coupons

You may be thinking to yourself, do they allow coupons to be used on beer? The answer is yes, but where can you find them. Beer coupons typically come in the form of a rebate or cashback credit. For a rebate, a tag will accompany your specialty marked beverage. It will list out what products and sizes apply to the coupon as the quantity and cashback amount based on your purchase. After check out, you are required to send proof of your purchase through either a website or mail.

Cashback is simple. You can use the app Ibotta, Checkout 51, and other programs for alcohol rebates. They often feature craft beer and beverages. You must add the offers you want to your account before shopping. When it is time to checkout, make sure you get an itemized receipt. You have to ask for this, or your receipt will show the total with no list of what you purchased. Afterward, hit redeem on your app, scan the product barcode, and submit the receipt for instant credit back.

Beer Clubs

If your thinking of gifting beer for the holidays, check out the many beer clubs on the market. You can get your loved one a subscription to the Microbrewed Beer Club or The Hops Beer Club for a small fee. If you want to try out treats with your drinks or want something unique, you can check out the First Sip Brew Box or The Rare Beer Club. No matter what you or your loved one likes, there is a box to match their needs. Many of the sites offer beer coupons to new customers so, get sipping today just in time for the holidays.

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