Best Cashback Monitors On The Market

If there’s an opportunity to save money on my grocery shopping, you know I will take it. I’m all about finding deals and cashback opportunities to help me save at the grocery store. Even though we use cashback apps like Ibotta and checkout 51, there is more we can do to save. One way is using cashback sites to funnel our purchases through. I do this regularly with sites like Rakuten, but it’s not always the best deal. To ensure you’re getting the best cashback and point opportunities on your grocery shopping, you need to use a cashback monitor. If you never heard of this and want to know more, follow along for the best cashback monitors on the market.

What Is A Cashback Monitor?

A cashback monitor is just a website that lists all the cashback opportunities for a particular store. Say, for instance, you like to shop at Kroger. Once you type in the store name, all of the existing cashback opportunities online will pop up from different websites. It will list what website you can funnel the purchase through, how much cashback you will receive per dollar spent, and the type of cashback you will receive in terms of monetary value or points.


Cashbackholic is my number one go-to cashback monitor. Every time I type in a store name and put cash back into a Google search, this website comes up. It is very extensive in the store offerings and cashback opportunities it monitors. It’s a simple website to use and breaks down all the information you need to know in a concise and easy-to-understand manner. If you are looking at finding cashback opportunities for Kroger right now, the website features 22 sites with up to 3% cashback listed. 

The site provides users with a host of perks, making it a standout cashback monitor. It offers an extensive list of cashback opportunities, enabling users to swiftly locate the best deals. With its user-friendly interface and real-time updates, Cashbackholic simplifies the search for lucrative cashback offers, ensuring users never miss a savings opportunity. Its ability to break down cashback by categories, such as cashback, miles, credit card points, and other reward points, adds valuable granularity to the information.

Cashback Monitor

Cashback Monitor is also a personal favorite of mine. It gives the same kind of information as Cashbackholick, though they monitor fewer sites. For the same Kroger listing on Cashback Monitor, there is only up to 2.5% cashback represented, which presents a slight differentiation. One thing the site does well is breaking down the categories of how cashback will be given to you. There is a four-way breakdown into the categories of cashback, miles, credit card points, and other reward points.


Evrewards is a trusted name in the world of cashback monitors and rewards tracking. This platform specializes in aggregating cashback and discount information from a wide array of online retailers and rewards programs. Evreward’s user-friendly interface and extensive database make it a valuable resource for individuals seeking to optimize their savings and rewards when shopping online. It simplifies the process of finding the best cashback deals and helps users make informed decisions about where to shop to maximize their savings. Whether you’re a seasoned bargain hunter or new to the world of cashback, Evreward is a go-to destination for accessing real-time information on money-saving opportunities.

Max Rewards

If you’re heavily invested in the credit card game and want to accrue points rapidly, Max Rewards is the ideal application. Instead of monitoring cashback websites, it focuses on tracking credit card offerings. By linking your credit cards or simply adding them to your wallet without linking, you gain instant access to information about which cards yield the most points for specific stores.

MaxRewards offers a suite of valuable perks, including credit card optimization, real-time alerts, personalized recommendations, and expense tracking. By linking their credit cards to the app, users can effortlessly identify the best cards for specific purchases, receive alerts when near merchants offering extra rewards, and gain insights into their spending patterns. This convenience, coupled with robust security measures, not only maximizes credit card rewards but also enhances cost savings. This makes MaxRewards an essential tool for individuals looking to streamline their rewards management and boost their financial benefits.

These cashback monitors and credit card reward tracking tools are some of the best in the market. Exploring a variety of options can help you maximize your savings and rewards. What are your favorite cashback monitors?

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