Do you ever feel like your grocery shopping is using most of your college money?

Are you tired of not having enough money or being always on the brink in college? Are you sick of seeing most of your shopping waste away or get bad in your dorm room?

Do you wish you knew how to make your grocery shopping not a big liability or burden to you as a student?

Don’t worry. Lots of college students face the same struggle, but the ones who succeed don’t waste money, thereby save more. Therefore, in this post, you’ll learn or be guided on how to start budget grocery shopping.


  1.   Use Coupons

Most grocery stores have coupons that they reward or allow their customers to utilize. You will be saving money using these coupons. You don’t need to become an extreme coupon owner to save some money.

When you start, it might not seem much because you might get a $1 or $2 coupon. But, as you accumulate or get more, that one (1) dollar will become ten (10) dollars, twenty (20) dollars, or fifty (50) dollars.

With most grocery stores providing or offering coupons on their websites or applications, you can start checking them out. Also, websites like and Coupon Surfer are great for the college student who wants to start reducing his grocery budget.

For example, if you’re buying a dozen eggs at $5 and you have a $1 coupon, which is essentially free cash. This means you won’t pay full price, and you would have saved or been a dollar richer. Therefore, if you have other items, you’re buying and more coupons saving $50-$100 is possible.


  1.   Use and Utilize the Student Discount

Most brands and grocery stores have a student discount, which is usually 10% or more. College students are strained financially, and businesses understand this. A business has these discounts to make their products affordable to the student.

All you have to do as a student is show proof that you are a college student, and a student ID will do the trick. You can search for some of your favorite brands online, and see if they offer discounts to students.

Also, sometimes all it takes is asking your local grocery store if they offer student discounts. Then getting a 10% or 50% discount on food or electronic devices will be possible. You will have saved more money, and you can use that cash for later use like paying for rent or spending it on ordering assignments from online helpers after reading top essay writing reviews.


Although utilizing student discounts or coupons might not seem glamorous, it is the little thing you do that will help you financially. Is it better to pay to do my homework or get a coupon or discount that will almost guarantee that your assignment is done almost for free? Of course, the latter is better because, as a college student, the little you save will eventually become more.

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