Couponers are smart at saving money using coupons.

However, smart couponers know how to combine coupons with other money-saving opportunities.

Sometimes you can get so wrapped up in the routine of making the most of the coupons that you forget to look for those other opportunities.

One opportunity to be sure to keep an eye out for is the opening of a new grocery store in your area.

These openings don’t happen often. However, you can save a lot of money if you’re first through the door when they do.

Save Money at Sprouts on Opening Day

Sprouts is one grocery store that is well known for offering first-day deals. Show up when they first open those new store doors and you can get a lot out of the deal.

Typically they offer the best deal to the first 200 shoppers who arrive. Lines may form a few hours in advance of that first-day opening. However, the savings start right away, because the people in line receive free muffins and coffee while they wait. More importantly, the first 200 shoppers get 20% off of their initial total purchase. Plus they get a free reusable shopping bag and a coupon booklet for five free deli items!

Sprouts also offers two more coupon deals. Every 15th shopper on the first day receives a coupon book filled with a variety of savings at the store. Additionally, on the Sunday following the opening day, every 15th customer receives a $5 off coupon to use on their next purchase of $15 or more.

Sprouts regularly opens new stores, so keep a lookout for one in your area. You can sign up for Sprouts alerts to get notified about new store openings. Then you can maximize those savings when they come to town!

Couponers at Sprouts

Of course, you should also take advantage of all coupon sales at Sprouts whenever you do shop there. The Sprouts Mobile App is the best way to access coupons for that store. Sign up for a Sprouts account and use the app to clip coupons to your account. Use your account when shopping; the digital coupons will be applied at checkout.

Opening Day Deals at Other Grocery Stores

Sprouts is specifically known for its opening day deals. However, it is not the only grocery store that makes the offer.

For example, early in September Natural Grocers opened a new store location in Georgetown, Texas. On opening day they held sweepstakes through which nine customers each won a gift card ranging in value from $10-$100 per week for a full six months! That’s certainly a deal worth waking up for.

Additionally, the first 100 customers received a gift bag filled with $40 in groceries plus a kitchen set and a recipe card. Customers who opted to sign up for the store’s rewards program automatically received a coupon worth $2 off for shopping.

Couponers should always look for the deals in their own area.

Things to Look for at Grocery Opening Days

Sweepstakes and raffles are common offerings on opening days.

For example, an Earth Fare opening in Orlando on 9/29/18 will hold a mystery gift card giveaway for the first 500 customers.

Similarly, a Grocery Outlet that opened in Alameda this month gave their Bargain Bucks to the first $200 customers in amounts ranging from $5 – $200. Plus they held a raffle that customers could enter to try to win free groceries for the year. All of this is common practice when this budget chain opens a new location.

Some of the other things that you will likely see on opening day at a grocery store:

  • Free food and drink samples
  • Coupons for in-store use
  • Free entertainment such as live music
  • Free reusable shopping bags
  • Matching donations to local food banks for the amount customers spend

Smart couponers will take advantage of all of the free stuff. Plus they will use coupons to get additional in-store discounts.

How to Find Grocery Store Openings

The best way to find news about grocery stores opening in your area is to set a Google Alert. Use the term “grocery opening” plus the name of your city or state. Then you will get an email whenever there’s a related news article. Of course, you can also keep your eyes on the local news for store opening announcements.

Couponers: have you ever been to a grocery store’s opening day? We would love to hear how it went. Share the experience in the comments. 

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