Each week a new sales ad comes out at your favorite grocer. Along with special savings, there are often new coupons that come out. Alongside that, stores often run special promotions for you to take advantage of. Stores like Publix often have the hottest BOGOs, while other stores may run gift card promotions, gas card deals, and other savings opportunities. Here are a few of the best grocery shopping events happening this week. 


I had to do some grocery shopping today. One of my first stops was Kroger. I typically get my meats and side items from there. Also, I like to take in each aisle and find new items to try at home. While shopping today, I saw that the 5x deal promotion was back. This event leads to great savings if you do it right. With this deal, specialty-marked items in the store have the corresponding coupon offers on the website. Once added to your shopping cart, you can use it up to five times in a single transaction. I used mine for a few Wicked Kitchen products today and spaghetti sauce. Aside from the 5x savings event, they are also running 4x the points on Simple Truth products and for gift cards on the weekends.


Publix is home to the BOGO. I love going there to shop for high-priced named brand goods on sale. They always have me covered. This week they are offering up some delicious BOGOs. I’m very interested in a few. Some of the better deals include savings on Steakums, Holmes sausage, and Impossible patties. Veggies, Dr. Pragers, and Scremin’ Sicilian are also on my list. For an exclusive list of their best BOGO offers, click here


The last store I went to today was Aldi. I always find the best savings on fresh fruit and veggies there. They also have great items to try out, like the fajita shrimp and ground bison I just purchased. If you are looking for more than just groceries, they have a spring sale going on. Check out the aisle closet to the registered with non-food-related goodies. I found great deals on planter boxes, patio tables, heaters, fans, and much more. Many of the items were at least 50% off.

These are just a few of the best grocery shopping events I saw today. What events are you shopping or looking forward to? Lets us know in the comment box below.

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