Generally, I’m not a fan of buying bottled water. First, it’s usually expensive; it is, after all, just water. Second, bottled water isn’t necessarily purified, high quality, or better than tap water. There can also be issues with some types of plastic bottles that may not be recyclable or may leech chemicals from the plastic into the water. That said, September is emergency preparedness month and having adequate quantities of drinkable water among your emergency supplies is an absolute must.

There are many ways of storing water for emergency purposes. You can buy 100 gallon bladders that can be placed in a bath tub and filled from the bath tub tap in an emergency. Alternatively you can fill empty one gallon plastic milk cartons that have been carefully washed to remove any milk solids. Easiest of all for the majority of us, and in spite of my aforementioned concerns, you can buy individual bottles of water, tightly packed together and easy to transport. Packs of bottled water may be just the thing you need if you suddenly have to evacuate to a roof during a flood, or toss everything in a car and leave before a hurricane hits, or simply endure for a few days when your tap water supply is temporarily cut off due to a major water main break. Admittedly these are rare occurrences for most of us; however, if you ever find yourself in a situation where you are running short on water, you will seriously regret your lack of preparation. So, better safe than sorry!

Thankfully grocery stores across the country are running sales on bottled water this month. Packs of 24 bottles that are normally priced in the $7 to $10 range are on sale for as little as $2.50 in some regions. Additionally, major brands, such as Nestle Pure Life, are offering coupons for $1 to $2 off, bringing the cost down to rock bottom prices. This is a great deal when you are setting up or restocking your emergency preparedness supplies, presuming you don’t have issues with drinking bottled water. If you do have issues with bottled water, consider one of the alternative approaches mentioned in the previous paragraph, or research other alternatives that may better suit your needs. Like everything else in life, you have to be comfortable with the choices you make for yourself and your family.

For a complete list of emergency preparedness supplies, see our Guide to Stockpiling Emergency Supplies.

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