It is easy to fall prey to grocery store myths. Many of them are common and prevalent. In fact, some of them are so common that we assume them to be truth.

However, if you buy into certain myths, then you miss out. You miss out on good deals, for one thing. Plus you might miss out on a better grocery shopping experience.

Grocery Store Myths Re: Paying for Convenience

One of the most persistent grocery store myths is that you should never pay for convenience. For example, there is a myth that you should never buy pre-cut, pre-packaged fruits and vegetables from the produce section. Likewise, people believe that they shouldn’t buy foods from the hot bar, the salad bar, or the soup bar.

However, this isn’t as clear cut as it may seem. Yes, generally speaking, you’ll pay more for these items than if you bought them unprepared and prepped them at home yourself. For example, if you bought loose carrots to peel and cut at home, you’d pay less then if you bought prepackaged carrot sticks. That said, time is money. If it takes you a long time to prep food, and you don’t particularly enjoy doing it, then you might just want to pay extra for the convenience of getting it ready-to-go.

Likewise, if you want to pick something up from the soup and salad bar, that’s not always a bad thing. In particular, if you get lighweight items at the salad bar (where you typically pay per pounds) then you aren’t likely to overspend. If you buy the exact amount that you want for one meal, then there is no waste, which can be cost-saving. Moreover, if you would have bought a meal at a restaurant instead, then shopping the food bars at the grocery store can save you money.

Pay Close Attention to Prices

Many people believe in grocery store myths about saving moeny because it saves them from having to do the math. For example, many people assume that it’s always best to buy food in bulk. However, if you don’t check the per-ounce or per-count price, then you really don’t know if you’re saving money by buying in bulk. Moreover, if you aren’t going to finish the bulk amount of food, then you’re just wasting it, which isn’t cost-saving. Always do the math to compare different item sizes so that you get the most for your money without getting more than you actually need.

Similarly, people assume that it’s always best to use a coupon when grocery shopping. Of course, if you have a coupon, then you want to use it. Before you do, though, take a look at comparable items including the store brand. Those may actually be cheaper even if you don’t have a coupon. If you buy into the myth that coupons always make shopping cheaper, then you could lose out on real savings.

Grocery Store Myths Re: What is Healthy

It’s so hard to know what foods are healthy these days. There are so many different diets, trends, and fads. Furthermore, there’s no scientific information emerging almost daily. That said, here are some persistent myths that just aren’t true:

  • Low-fat is always a healthy choice.
  • Organic is always a healthy choice.
  • Fresh produce is always better than frozen produce.
  • Fresh seafood is always better than frozen seafood.

The truth is that sometimes these things can be true. However, it’s not black and white. For example, you can get good deals on seafood without compromising health when you buy frozen. You just have to know what to look for.

Is it a Myth to Always Shop with a Grocery List?

If you peruse lists of grocery store myths, you’ll almost always see this one on there. Everyone generally recommends shopping with a grocery list. Nevertheless, people also say it’s a myth that it will save you money. The truth about this one is that it depends on the person. If you tend to give in to impulse buys easily then you should definitely stick to your list. On the other hand, if you can consistently review different options in the store with an eye towards deals then you might save money going off list when you see a great sale. Whether or not it works is going to depend on you.

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