La Croix used to be one of the best sparkling water options. It was trendy and popular. Moreover, it was affordable with great variety in flavors. Personally, I still love La Croix. Therefore, I buy it often. However, I’ve also started looking at alternatives. The La Croix brand is going through some tough times. I want to know what my options are in case it becomes less widely available.

What’s Going on With La Croix?

La Croix has faced a lot of brand trouble recently. For example, the news went wild when customers found out that it’s technically illegal in the state of Massachusetts. (However, the brand quickly remedied that, and La Croix is legal there now.)

That’s not the company’s only legal trouble. In fact, they’ve faced a whole slew of problems with lawsuits about potential false statements regarding the sparkling water’s ingredients. They recently wrote an open letter to address those claims.

Unsurprisingly, the company has lost a lot of business as a result of these issues. Stock prices are plummeting.

Currently, La Croix Offers Good Prices

In order to combat this onslaught of bad luck that’s led to poor sales, La Croix recently slashed their prices. Perhaps that’s why I started seeing La Croix available at so many more stores recently, despite the bad press. I definitely stocked up, because I love La Croix sparkling water. Why wouldn’t I get at the low price?

However, those low prices might not continue. The company’s profit margins are suffering. Therefore, they might not be able to afford to keep up these lower rates. Moreover, if they continue to face legal battles and bad press, the brand could have even more trouble. Because of this, I wanted to explore what my other options were to get the cheapest sparkling water if I can’t get La Croix at a good price in the future.

Cheapest Sparkling Water Options Besides La Croix

Of course, the cheapest sparkling water is often whatever you can buy at a discount. Therefore, you should always look for coupons. Check our monthly reports on Costco’s grocery coupons, because the store almost always has some type of water coupon including discounts on sparkling water.

Other than that, though, here are some of the cheapest sparkling water options that I’ve found:

Cheapest Sparkling Water from Amazon

I like to order sparkling water online. That way, I don’t have to lug it home from the grocery store. Moreover, some of the cheapest sparkling water is available online. Amazon is my go-to place for ordering groceries online. The cheapest options (per fluid ounce) seem to be:

  • Bubly Sparkling Water purchased through Prime Pantry. There are several flavors including blackberry and mango which makes it somewhat comparable to La Croix. 12-packs cost $5.01 which is just three cents per fluid ounce. Note that a few flavors, such as apple and lemon, cost slightly more and average about four cents per fluid ounce. However, you can save $5 when you purchase five packs at a time. That said, you have to be an Amazon Prime member to take advantage of this deal.
  • Whole Foods 365 Everyday Value Sparkling Water through Prime Pantry. A 12-pack of this sparkling water is just $3.99. However, the cans are smaller than Bubly so their per fluid ounce price is the same. They are both among the cheapest sparkling water options available.
  • Dasani Sparkling Water through Prime Pantry. A 12-pack costs $3.59. This is four cents per fluid ounce, which is just slightly more than the others and the same as the more epxensive flavors of Bubly. Notably, though, Dasani offers limited flavors of sparkling water.

You don’t have to be a Prime Pantry member to purchase sparkling water from Amazon. However, the prices are generally slightly higher if you’re not. For example, you can order Bubly directly from Amazon. It costs about five cents per fluid ounce. However, you can reduce the cost if you buy sparkling water frequently. Do so by using the “subscribe and save” delivery option.

If you prefer plain sparkling water to flavored sparkling water, then you’re in luck. You can order Perrier for about three cents per fluid ounce. S. Pellegrino is just slightly more at four cents. Both of these come with a “subscribe and save” discount option.

My Favorite Brands Cost a Bit more

I have to confess that I don’t always buy the cheapest sparkling water. Some of my favorite brands cost a little bit more. I love Spindrift, which costs about nine cents per fluid ounce on Amazon. I also love Bai, but that costs at least sixteen cents per fluid ounce, even with a coupon. Therefore, I don’t buy those brands as often. I consider them to be more of a treat.

If you like Sparkling Ice or Izze, then you’re in the middle ground. They’re about five or six cents per fluid ounce when you purchase them through Amazon.

Other Cheapest Sparkling Water

If you don’t get your sparkling water at Amazon, then here are your best options:

  • The aforementioned Whole Foods brand is still a great price in store.
  • Pur Aqua Belle Via sparkling water, available at Aldi, is one of the cheapest sparkling water brands.
  • Wal-mart often offers great deals on various brands of sparkling water.

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