The following are contacts where you can find coupons and other information for brands from Colgate Palmolive:

Colgate Palmolive
Colgate Palmolive Main Website
Colgate Palmolive Contact

Colgate Oral Care Products
Colgate Oral Care Products
Colgate Oral Care Products Contact
Colgate Oral Care Products Special Offers and coupons
Smile Talk Newsletter

Colgate Toothpastes
Colgate Total® Advanced
Colgate Total®
Colgate® Max Fresh®
Colgate® Sensitive
Colgate® Cavity Protection
Colgate® Tartar Protection
Ultra brite®
Colgate Luminous™
Colgate® Visible White®
Colgate® 2in1
Colgate® Sparkling White
Colgate® Baking Soda & Peroxide Whitening Oxygen Bubbles
Colgate® Dora the Explorer*
Colgate® 2in1 Kids
Colgate® SpongeBob SquarePants*
Colgate® Shrek™ Bubble Fruit®*

Colgate® 360°®
Colgate® MaxFresh™
Colgate® MaxWhite
Colgate Navigator
Colgate® Wisp
Colgate® Motion®
Colgate Wave®
Colgate® Total® Professional
Colgate Plus®
Colgate® Extra Clean

Colgate OTC
Colgate Orabase
Colagte Phos-Flur
Colgate Peroxyl
Colgate Viadent

Colgate Personal Care Products
Colgate Personal Care Products
Colgate Personal Care Products Contact
Colgate Personal Care Products Newsletter
Colgate Personal Care Products Special offers

Speed Stick
Speed Stick Pro
Speed Stick Irish Spring
Speed Stick 24/7
Speed Stick Power of Nature
Speed Stick Ultimate
Lady Speed Stick
Lady Speed Stick 24/7
Lady Speed Stick Clinical Proof
Lady Speed Stick Invisible Dry
Lady Speed Stick Naturals
Teen Spirit

Body Wash
Softsoap Spa Radiant
Softsoap Advanced Moisture Collection
Softsoap Nourishing Collection
Softsoap for Men
Irish Spring

Hand Soap
Softsoap Kitchen Fresh Hands
Softsoap Antibacterial
Softsoap Classics
Softsoap Ensembles
Softsoap Foam
Softsoap Kids

Bar Soap
Irish Spring (various)

Other Personal Care Products
Skin Bracer

Colgate Homecare
Colgate Homecare Contact
Colgate Homecare Special Offers
Colgate Homecare Newsletter

Crystal White

Fabric Conditioner

Murphy Oil Soap
Ajax Powder Cleanser with Bleach

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