Coupon Binder or Not


Couponing is fun and rewarding. You often find yourself looking at all the store deals and setting up your shopping trip early before going in. It can even be fun to pick up local paper inserts, or even buying them in bulk. One step of the process that can be tedious, is getting your coupons cut and organized. A great way to organize is with a coupon binder. Follow along to find our coupon binder or not.

How to Organize a Coupon Binder

Coupon binders are tedious to put together, The best benefit of having one is the ability to recall coupons as needed on your shopping trip. This is true while shopping and at checkout. To start, you need a big three-ring binder. You also need trading card binder pages and divider tabs. Once inside the binder, label each section with coupon categories. Basic categories include household, drinks, food, medicine. Once labeled order your coupons or gather the ones you already have.

Once your booklets arrive, cut your coupons out one by one. After, you must put them in your binder according to labeled categories. Be sure to put like coupons for a similar product into the same pockets. Be sure to have them stacked by expiration date, closes date in front. I clip the act coupons with the exact expiration date, together with a paper clip for quantity purposes. Be sure to attach a pencil pouch to the front of your binder. Include paper clips, pens, and highlighters. Include your loyalty cards and scissors — be sure to add anything you will need for your shopping trip.

A coupon binder is an essential need for a couponer. While it can be tedious to put together, it helps keep you organized in the store. It is good to have a book you can bring anywhere.

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