There’s a growing trend among many manufacturers to add organic or natural products to their product lines. Some of the bigger names doing so are McCormick, Campbell’s, Clorox, Arm & Hammer…but…

When searching for coupons from companies that offer only natural and / or organic products, however, it can be quite difficult to find coupons. One of the main reasons is that these companies are typically small and have a limited selection of products. Due to their size, mass printing and distributing coupons in such outlets such as the Sunday newspaper inserts or other “collective” coupon sources would be expensive and prohibitive.

While finding coupons for organic and natural food coupons in the normal coupon channels may be difficult, that doesn’t mean that these coupons aren’t available! It only means that you need to work a bit harder to find them and it has gotten a lot easier with the list compiled below.

Page 1 – introduction to the usual sources
Page 2 – online printable sites for organic and natural coupons
Page 3 – 6 contain the contacts and sources of known organic and natural brand coupon sites. You may need to sign up for newsletters, offers, or emails, but most have printable or snail mail VIP coupons just waiting for you!

Conventional Coupon Sources Have Organic and Natural product coupons too!
First, remember the basics. As more companies are creating and marketing organic and natural products, there are more coupons and savings in “traditional” sources. For example, Burt’s Bees, Cascadian Farms, and Muir Glen coupons are available online, and are published in Sunday inserts about once every three months. Here’s a quick reminder on those basic ideas:

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  1. Thank you so for putting this all together- what a great help! Do you have any advice for getting repeat coupons?

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  4. Being very true to organic products I figured let’s continue the support. Thank you for the very helpul insight. Much thanks Willow

  5. ConAgra is Monsanto who is the leader in GMO foods, agriculture, lobbying to disallow labeling of GMO milk, etc, the maker of Roundup AND Roundup-ready corn so they can spray and not kill the corn which absorbs it that we (and our pets)then EAT as corn, oil, HFCS, and more. I dont like that they are on a site speaking to organic products-period!

  6. I agree, but until we have standards for labeling products as “natural”, companies will continue to promote their products. GMO is another issue under evaluation for labelling. Consumers must make their own choices in selecting natural and organic products, and brands, based on their personal priorities and finances. The point of this article was simply to allow people to identify coupon savings for products that are labeled and promoted as natural and/or organic.

  7. Congra does sell products labeled as Natural. This guide is simply to inform consumers of how to find coupons on products labeled natural or organic, without biasing to our own opinions and preferences.

    That said, we are actively working on updating this list. There are many many more offers available since this guide was written, and the new e-printable sites dedicated to truly organic and natural specific brands should help consumers see that many more options are available for saving money on these products.

  8. Look for it to get MUCH bigger — we are in the process of updating it and the new list is surprising even me!

    Thanks for the feedback! MJ

  9. Don’t buy Julie’s items. Julie wants you think that she is Organic. I sorry, just a brand folks. This is just a ploy. print the coupon and buy my organic ice cream so I can live in my big house and drive my big SUV.

  10. I love organic food, and I especially love Organic Valley, but whenever you go to print coupons off their website, it tells you that you have already printed your number of times even when you have not – I guess they had rather throw away the entire sale than give someone a discount. I purchase a great deal of organic food and if I have a coupon, I purchase that product – I spent over $700 this month in groceries for my home and setting my son up in an apt at school – guess who didn’t get that sale?!

  11. Have you tried signing up for the Organic Valley newsletter? Typically they send out an email each month or so which resets the link/cookie for your computer, allowing you to reprint the savings. Also, have you tried the mambo sprouts and healthesavers printables? They offer separate coupons for Organic Valley, and are reset monthly.

  12. I am looking to go vegetarian, I can’t find coupons for the product Gardein, I really want to try their product, but the are a bit expensive

  13. I had insomnia again and decided to check out your blog again and discovered your blogs about organic coupons! Thank you so much!

  14. You should not include products labeled “natural” in a list of organic items. “Natural” is a marketing term that means absolutely nothing and has no standards associated with it. It is true that many GMO-free, pesticide-free, and actual organic producers don’t bother going through the organic accreditation process because it is cumbersome and expensive. But far more companies try to pass themselves off as organic by using the meaningless “natural” tag. And a recent study found that 80-90% of products from China that claim to be organic are a total sham.
    PS – Other posters are absolutely correct: ConAgra and Monsanto suck big time. Check out the film Food Inc. or pretty much anything by Michael Pollan to get the basic facts straight.

  15. Buy local when possible. It benefits your local economy, benefits your local farmers, and benefits the environment (with regards to reduced energy for shipping). It generally also benefits your wallet.

  16. Thank you, I think that collaborative and collective approaches always make for a dricher society, again thank you for putting this informative site together.

  17. Thanks for this list! I’m really making a push in my life to buy more natural products. I just find it so expensive, that sometimes it’s hard to find the extra money! Many of my friends use coupons and save TONS of money, but I always find that coupons are not for things I buy (the actual product – not brand name since I already buy lots of store-brand products). 🙁 So, thanks for this information! Hopefully it will help me save a few bucks!

  18. i am looking for organic food coupons.i decided to only eat organic but it is very expensive unfortunately….

  19. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you! This is the best organic natural foods coupon list I’ve seen! Babs

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