Using coupons at Amazon has rapidly become one of the best ways to save money, especially on Amazon grocery items.

Amazon allows you to access basic food and household items through their Prime Pantry program. Additionally, you can get fresh produce and other food items delivered to your door through AmazonFresh.

Here’s how you can combine coupons with other discounts and deals to get great savings through both of these Amazon channels.

Find Coupons for Amazon Grocery Items

Amazon has a coupon page that you can visit to see all of your current coupon deals. The coupons include items across different departments, including Amazon grocery items.

  • Find a coupon that you want to use.
  • Select “clip coupon.”
  • Then select “add to cart.”

The coupon discount is applied at checkout. You can also search for specific percentage off coupons at Amazon, including 90% off coupon deals.

Additionally, you can sort to choose from specific coupon categories. First, is the most popular coupons. Second, you can sort just to see grocery coupons or to see specific categories of coupons with groceries. For example, you can look for snack food coupons or breakfast food coupons. Finally, there are three options specific to money-saving Amazon programs.

Prime Pantry

Many people find it cost-effective to become Amazon Prime members. This is an annual-fee program that gives you access to free shipping and many other discounts across Amazon. Prime members can also take advantage of a special selection of coupons at Amazon called the Prime Pantry coupons. Note that there are grocery coupons available even if you are not a Prime member but members do get the best deals.

Subscribe & Save

There are some items that you need to order regularly. Subscribe to have them delivered on a schedule through Amazon. Before you subscribe, check the Subscribe & Save section. This is where there are coupons at Amazon specifically to reduce the cost of your first subscription order.

In most cases, each subscription is also discounted as compared to if you were to make the same purchase without a subscription. You can save up to 15% on the items that you already order regularly. This is a great way to save money and time. However, make sure that you periodically check your subscriptions to make sure that you’re still getting the lowest-available price.

Fresh Grocery Coupons

The best way to get healthy foods at Amazon is to use AmazonFresh. This allows you to get gome delivery of fresh produce and other grocery items. They can be delivered same-day or next day. There is a section of the Amazon website specifically offering Amazon Fresh coupons. Do be aware, however, that there is a monthly fee of $14.99 to join the Prime Fresh program. You have to weigh that cost against the cost of going to a grocery store. Compare the time and gas saved along with the Amazon prices and coupon savings to see if this cost is worth it for your family.

Subscribe to Email Coupons

In addition to the coupons at Amazon on the website, you can subscribe to receive Amazon Coupons. New deals will be delivered to your inbox on a weekly basis. These are coupons to use across the whole site, not just for groceries. However, there are always some good grocery deals in there to try.

Get the Amazon Credit Card

Although it’s not a coupon deal, you shouldn’t overlook the savings available through the Amazon credit card. You get 5% cash back on all purchases made using the card, including your grocery purchases. Additionally, the company regularly runs sign-up deals. For example, they are currently offering a $70 Amazon gift card when you are approved for the card. This can take a big chunk out of the first year cost of a new Prime membership.

The big trick for using coupons at Amazon is to combine them with other Amazon deals. Look at clearance prices. Get the Amazon credit card. Although you can’t stack coupons at Amazon in a traditional way, you can still stack savings.

How do you save on groceries at Amazon? Let us know in the comments below!

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