It’s a tough time in the world right now. Some of us are working and others are on lockdown. For those stuck in the house sheltering in place, it can get daunting. Along with trying to finish up home projects, gardening, and binge-watching the latest shows, groceries are a must. If you are stuck on your shopping list, here are some essential grocery items you need during a pandemic.

Hardware and Home Supplies

Keep a radio, candles, and batteries with you at all times. You never know when a storm will roll through or an emergency will take place. if you have some home projects to work on take time to get all the tools you need. Lowes, Home Depot, and other Hardware stores are deemed essential. To keep yourself better protected make sure you go early in the morning before the crowd.

Cleaning Supplies

While cleaning essentials may be hard to find, its a must on your shopping list. If you can, stock up on bleach, disinfectant wipes, hand sanitizer, dish detergent, and washing powder. Gloves are another item you should get especially if you need to go out in public for essential services. Don’t forget to dispose of your gloves regularly. No need to wear the same pair of gloves inside and out of your car and in every store or place you visit. This will only spread more germs. Take them off after shopping and before you get in the car.

Canned Goods

Canned goods are great for multiple reasons to include they don’t need to be refrigerated. You can collect multiple cans and they will last a long time. The best versatile canned items include tuna, chicken in a can, vegetables, soup, and meals in a can. These can be heated using a variety of methods. Additionally, they are quick meals that you can add simple ingredients to kick them up a notch.


I’m not a snack person, but since sitting at home I’ve been craving the good stuff. While you don’t want to over-consume, snacks are essential during a pandemic. If you like Edwards Pie or Sara Lee cakes and Cheesecakes Publix has them on BOGO right now. In addition to that snack crackers, cheese, whipped cream, and cookies are all on sale there this week. Find what you like and stock up so you can stay in.

Shopping Tips

While shopping for essential grocery items during a pandemic there are a few tips to follow. For one, shop early. That’s not just to skip the crowds. In fact, getting their earlier ensures you get the best pick of the deals. Shop with some distance between you and others to keep yourself healthy. Shop and unconventional stores for items that are hard to find in the grocery store. Don’t be afraid to do some online shopping for items if need be.

This is a trying time for us all. Be safe, keep your family safe, and stock up on essential grocery items during the pandemic while on lockdown.


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