1. With so much pandemonium going on in the world right now, it’s best to stay indoors. If you’re scared to shop around in-store, don’t have a face mask to ward off germs, or not feeling the crowds this list is for you. Join us in learning about our favorite restaurants with groceries to go.


Longhorn is now featuring a Steak Shop. You can get ready to grill steak and sides for your family to enjoy. They feature the Renegade Stake for $6-$8, Ribeye $14-$16, and Flos Fillet beginning at $12. If you need sides they have you covered. Each side offered is only a $1. Sides include mashed potatoes, fresh broccoli, and seasoned rice pilaf.

Texas Roadhouse

Texas Roadhouse has meats to go, you can cook fresh on the grill. They are offering prime cuts of steak, with a small selection of burgers and chops. 4 Pork chops will run you $10, and the burgers are 4 for $15. The steaks are featured on their groceries to go menu. They have different size sirloin from $4.50, Filets and Ribeyes starting at $10, and NY Strip Steak starting at $8.

Waffle House

I tried waffle house groceries to go myself. The prices were pretty affordable and there is one on every corner. Please be advised this may be a regional deal only so call your local store to find out. The best deals on their items to go were a 30 count egg for $5, 2 pork chops for $3, and 2 sirloin steaks for $8. Other deals included a box of hashbrowns for $8, bacon and sausage by pieces or the case, chicken quarters, t-bones for $8, and bread and condiments.

Ruby Tuesday

If you’re fortunate enough to have one of these around, head to Ruby’s Pantry. The pantry has all the pantry essential groceries to go. They have vegetables ranging from lettuce to sweet potatoes, and jalapeno slices. Most come between 1 and 5 lbs. You can grab Gallon sized milk and up to 61.5 oz of juice, and 5 lbs of American cheese. if that’s not enough for you they have frozen burgers and stakes to take home and cheesecake. If you ran out of home essentials they got you there two with napkins and two-ply toilet paper.

Many restaurants are offering groceries to go. If you don’t want to get out in the crowds or have health problems preventing you from leaving the house this is for you. Call around to your favorite restaurants to see what they can offer you.



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