Couponing is becoming a way of life for many families. Not only do they save you money at the grocery store, but they also provide you with opportunities to try new products. They also make buying brand named items affordable for the whole family. While they are simple to use, it takes some skill and knows how to get the most out of coupons.

Finding Reputable Coupons Sources

Before you coupon at the store, you have to access them. You can secure coupons in several ways. The most reliable method would be through store loyalty accounts. Stores like Albertsons, HEB, and other national grocers have these accounts. To access the account’s logon to their websites and sign up. Clip coupons to your account and enter your loyalty number at checkout for instant savings and coupons. You can secure coupons by purchasing a Sunday or early Sunday edition paper. To get enough inserts you may have to purchase 4 copies. Please be aware some inserts may not be offered in your area.

If you lack adequate access to deals, you can find a reliable coupon service that will ship inserts to you. They often offer you several inserts based on the week they come out. You can see previews of the inserts and select the number of each insert you want. You can also access high dollar regional offerings and get pre-clipped ones as well.

Reading the Fine Print

Once you have secured your deals, make your shopping list. Afterward, you need to read the fine print. The fine print tells you how many like coupons you can use per transaction or day. It tells you the expiration date and what items are included or excluded. Reading these details means the difference between the full price and super discounts. It will also help you identify the exact item and size you need.

Doubling and Stacking Opportunities 

One other opportunity aimed at getting the most out of coupons is doubling. Some stores double for more savings. Bi-Lo doubles manufacturer up to 0.60 cents, Lowes Foods doubles manufacturer coupons up to .99 cents, and Harris Teeter doubles up to $2. Check your local store’s coupon policy to see if they have these opportunities available for you.

Price Match and Competitor Coupons

Price matching is a wonderful tool to use while shopping. It entails price checking items across competitive retailers before heading into the store. Some stores like Target and Walmart will beat the competition. Some stores will even offer to beat the competition up to a certain percent off like Lowes. These retailers sometimes allow you to match the price and use manufacturer coupons to score more money off. 

Competitor coupons are also helpful. Stores like Publix, who allow you to use them, make it easy to use other store-branded coupons and savings deals on their products. I always take my Kroger branded ones with me to Publix just in case I see something I need. Be sure to check with your retailer on the specific policies regarding price match and using competitor coupons. 

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