Some people like to shop and pay with cash, but I am not one of them. Chances are, you aren’t either. I often carry one of my cards into the store with me or use my phone to pay. While not every grocery store has cashless options, many do. Many times it’s preferred and there are perks of going cashless at the grocery store.

Credit Cards

One way to do cashless is by using a credit card at checkout. Credit cards are fabulous for grocery shopping and come with lots of perks. To get the most out of them for groceries, you’re going to need a credit card that earns lots of points on groceries. For this, your best bet is the AMex Blue Cash Preferred for 6% cash back or the Citi Custome Cash Card for 5% back. As you spend, you’re racking up points. Points are redeemable for fabulous rewards, including travel, entertainment, and cold hard cash. You can’t get that with cash.

Rewards Account

Aside from using credit cards, most stores have rewards apps for shoppers to use at their convenience. Those apps typically give customers access to special coupons and savings. Some even offer rewards dollars for your spending like Target’s Circle app. Now, many of those apps give users to pay in the app. First-time users are often privy to special perks for using that option, which includes money off their first purchase or specialized coupons for later use. 

These are just a few simple ways that show how going cashless at the grocery store can benefit you. I use these options every day, will you? For more ways to save by going cashless, check out the posted video and read more below. 

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