Grocery Deals I Got This Week

This week I started on my healthy weight loss journey. That meant going to the store to get some food to fill my fridge. The majority of the products at my home are already healthy, but because of my busy schedule, I eat out a lot. I’m putting a stop to that this week, so I headed to the store and grabbed what I needed to be successful for this month. While I did not use many coupons, I still went for deals and saving opportunities. Here’s what grocery deals I got this week.


I stopped at Aldis first. As you know, they are one of my favorite stores to get produce at. They always have a great selection of quality and organic fruits and vegetables for cheap. I picked up asparagus for two dollars a bag. I also grabbed mini cucumbers, seedless grapes, mini organic bananas, kiwis, and a bag of peppers. All were low cost and delicious. I also grabbed a large 6-pack of chicken schnitzel for under $8, $3 protein burgers, a cauliflower pepperoni pizza, and frozen fruits that were cheaper than any other store besides Dollar Tree.


Next, I went over to Kroger. They are my go-to for meat products. Let me be honest and say I did not find great deals this week on what I wanted. I happily paid $15 for a bag of peeled and deveined shrimp because there were none on sale. I did find a 2-pack of chicken breast for under $5, some yummy sausages on clearance, and Dave’s Killer Bread that had a coupon for $1 off.


Lastly, I headed over to Walmart for some last-minute items. I found a great deal on their almond milk. The Walmart brand came in under $2. That’s great, considering most stores I looked at this week had them for $2.50 or more. I also picked up some baby spinach for about $2 and eggs.

While I didn’t end up saving a whole lot of money, I found quality food at the store with the grocery deals I got this week. With my fridge fully stocked up, I think I’m ready to reach my weight loss goals.

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